Vibram Concepts Collection

Learn about all of the new innovative concept shoes Vibram is currently testing

Take a walk on the cutting edge of Vibram technology. Experience our limited-edition concept shoes that are fun, fresh and stylish, and uniquely encapsulate the HEART and SOLE of VIBRAM INNOVATION!*

*All Vibram Concept products are currently classified as prototypes created for the Vibram Tester Team. These products are not yet approved for full production, but they are functional. For this reason, they are unique, well-designed, innovative and creative models. Vibram fans can purchase them at their discretion, but these products cannot be returned for any reason.

Vibram Wrap Tech

Street style merges with technical performance in our fast, grippy and innovative Wrap Tech shoe. Meticulously designed to reduce material waste, Vibram Wrap Tech looks as good as you'll feel wearing it.


1. Innovative outsole design reduces material waste by wrapping up around the shoe upper

2. Outsole features Vibram Megagrip for advanced traction on wet and dry surfaces

3. Litebase outsole is thinner, lighter than traditional soles, with same performance

4. Side shoe protection provided by wrapping sole design


Vibram One Quarter Shoe

A super versatile, comfortable, and fun shoe to wear, the origami-like Vibram One Quarter fold-able shoe features the very best of Vibram outsole technology.


1. Extremely portable, the One Quarter shoe takes up only ¼ of its original volume when folder – hence the name!

2. Outsole features Vibram Litebase technology, which is up to 50% slimmer and 30% lighter than similar soles, with the same quality performance

3. Vibram Gumlite sole provides superior grip and durability on flat and polished surfaces

4. Comfortable and form-fitting, it features a bamboo interior material to help keep your feet cool