Mountaineering durable and colorable compound

Developed to meet the needs of most demanding alpinists, Durastep is Vibram firmest compound that revolutionizes intensive mountaineering activities by maximizing performance even at low temperatures. Extremely reliable on the most difficult terrain and in the most challenging conditions, Durastep offers high friction and excellent grip on wet surfaces, while providing durability for long-lasting outdoor adventures. Carbon black has been removed from this compound, with the double benefit of making it colorable and more sustainable. The new landmark for all those who dream of discovering all the peaks on the planet, feeling safe and confident: this is Vibram Durastep.

Designed by Vibram with Athletes – Made for you.



- Firmer compound for durability and maximum support

- Optimal grip on wet surfaces

- Maintains performance also at low temperatures



- Mountaineering, Alpinism


(Video by Vibram. Thanks to Matteo Della Bordella and Hervé Barmasse).