Country: Russia

Year of birth: 1983

Speciality: Ultra Trail


Born in Latvia, Yulia is a brilliant trail runner who has been living in Italy for several years and belongs to the Trailrunning Team Vibram since 2016. After a serious illness that could have jeopardized her life, she miraculously recovered and in 2016 she came back to trail running with new enthusiasm and energy. She loves races over 100km cause the first 50 are just a worm up for her and her tenacity.

  • 2019 16th UTMB - Ultra trail du Mont Blanc (FRA)
  • 2018 3rd MIUT Madeira Island Ultra Trail 85km (POR)
  • 2017 2nd Scenic Trail (SUI)
  • 2017 14th UTMB - Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (FRA)
  • 2017 1st GTC - Gran Trail Courmayeur (ITA)
  • 2016 10th LUT - Lavaredo Ultra Trail (ITA)