Country: France

Year of birth: 1994

Speciality: Vertical Kilometer


Vincent is a runner from the southwest of France, After fifteen years of competing in road cycling, he turned to trail-running in 2019. His qualities as a climber on the bike were found in trail running as well, and it was natural that he specialized in vertical. In 2021, he performed on the Vertical Kilometer in Chamonix, in the French championship and on the Madeira island. In the near future, he wants to shine in many other vertical events but his ambition does not stop there, he wants to perform in longer and nervous events, such as skyraces.

  • 2021 1st VK Santana (Madeira, POR)
  • 2021 1st VK do Fanal - Portugal championship (Madeira, POR)
  • 2021 1st VK Méribel (FRA)
  • 2021 2nd VK Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (FRA)
  • 2021 2nd VK Val d'Isère - France Championship (FRA)