Robyn LESH

Country: New Zealand

Year of Birth: 1994

Speciality: Trail Running


Robyn is originally from a small town in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Over the past two years she has been running & exploring the marvellous trails of New Zealand. Robyn's background is in competitive sailing, starting when she sailed for the first time at 6 days (yes days) old, continuing through competitive varsity collegiate racing at MIT, and training in Olympic class foiling boats post-college. Over the last two years Robyn's love for running has grown to become a full-on trail running passion! With strong results in New Zealand under her belt, Robyn is excited to take the plunge into the international elite trail running circuit where she will be representing Team Vibram Trail and making friends all along the way.

  • 2021 2nd Valley Ultra - The Whole Hog (NZ)
  • 2021 2nd Mt Difficulty Ascent - Mountain Marathon (NZ)