Beatrice COLLI

Country: Italy

Year of birth: 2004

Speciality: Climbing


Young and talented, Beatrice is especially known for her determination and capability to support intense training that permit her to compeet in all the three climbing disciplines, also if those she likes more are boulder and speed. Adrenaline that only speed can gives you, like one for 100m in athletic, makes this discipline such different by the others but also so complementar for those dynamic moves that turns useful into boulder, for the coordination it requires. Coming from a no climber family, she started climbing thanks to a friend that brought her in tha gym, when she was a little girl, avoiding she could hurts herself climbing on every three or wall she met around. Aiming to be present to Paris 2024, she works hard every day with a surprising mentality, not so common in young people.

  • 2022 Youth World Champion (Speed)
  • 2021 Sport Climbing up to 8C+
  • 2021 Youth World Champion (Speed)