Sienna KOPF

Country: USA

Year of birth: 2002

Speciality: Climbing


Growing up in Golden, CO, Cece found her home in the world of climbing at the age of 11. Instantly enthralled by the mental and physical puzzle that climbing provided, she threw herself into the pursuit of the competitive side of the sport. For Cece, that enchantment with climbing hasn’t faded – and as she is afforded more opportunities to experience climbing in different ways, her passion ever grows. In a year of uncertainty, Cece made the most of the covid interim to pursue a career in Software Development, and she graduated from a Bootcamp program with a part-time job as a Software Engineer in 2020. Working in tech has allowed Cece to support and fund her climbing, and has opened her eyes to aspirations for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Most of all, Cece brings unwavering positivity and a smile to every moment and sees that as the best way of handling any challenge.

  • 2021 - Combined Pan-American Champion 2021
  • 2020 - 2x V12 Outdoor Bouldering
  • 2019 - Bouldering Youth National Champion