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Sole Factor

We've got sole, you've got options.

Vibram Sole Factor USA

Let Vibram save your sole! Visit us on The Vibram Sole Factor® Tour. Our mobile shoe repair shop will resole footwear while on-site. Choose from a variety of soles ranging from technical to lifestyle footwear.


Cost per pair:

$25 donation to a local non-profit


Recommended Shoes for resoling on-site:

Hiking boots, work boots, sandals, sneakers, dress shoes


Shoes we CANNOT resole on-site:

Climbing shoes, stitch-soled shoes, over worn shoes

Shop Sole Factor

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Set Up Your Style

Bring In Your Shoes

Bring In Your Shoes

Think of your cobbler as your local transformer. He or she 
will assess the style and configuration of your shoes, listen to what you want to achieve, then suggest optimal options for Vibram soles.

Select Your Sole

Select Your Sole

Which option captures your spirit? New York or Oregon? Mister Tank or Lady Ripple? And don’t forget color: Camo Red or Autumn Glory? Lime Green or Black Gum?So many choices! Perhaps you should upgrade more than one pair?

We’ll Do The Rest

We’ll Do The Rest

Your cobbler is a Vibram Sole Factor professional, fully trained to maximize your footwear to suit your lifestyle while ensuring a comfortable fit.

Sole Tour Locations & Dates

Our Mobile Labs

Vibram Sole Factor RV

Vibram Sole Factor RV

Vibram Sole Factor Van

Vibram Sole Factor Van

Email is the fastest way to get in touch with us!


For questions or additional details, please email the Sole Factor team. If it's a question about re-soling a specific pair of shoes, please incude a photo of the shoes in your email. Send to: michael.ellis@vibram.com and tyler.allan@vibram.com.


Our crew is traveling all over the country so we apologize for any delays.


Sole Factor phone line: 978-831-1942 - voicemails checked daily

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