Vibram Sole Factor USA


The Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab is back on tour for the 2020 season promoting and educating shoe repair shops across the country. Our goal is to visit and clinic the best shoe repair shops around the U.S. and promote shoe repair and the idea of shoe customization.

Each year, over 300 million pairs of shoes are discarded into landfills. If only there was a way to restore, refurbish, and repair your shoes…there is!

Not only can you visit any shoe repair shop or cobbler in your area to re-sole and customize your shoes to make them last almost three times as long, you can also ship your shoes via This service allows you to pick between two trusted shoe repair facilities, NuShoe in San Diego, CA or Cobbler Concierge in New York, NY. You pick the sole, the tread pattern, and the color to make it YOU! Then you pick the service, CA or NY, box the shoes up and place the pre-paid shipping label on the box and ship!

If you should have any questions regarding shoe repair, customization, sole options etc. feel free to contact any of our Vibram Authorized Diamond Shops in your area to talk shop. Vibram Diamond Shops are recognized as the top shoe repair shops in the United States and have extensive knowledge of this trade as well as Vibram compounds and technologies.