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Alitza Loop


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The simple beauty of Alitza Loop offers the perfect solution for those seeking a barefoot experience with optimal traction. read more


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Sale! $85.00 $51.00

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Additional Information


The simple beauty of Alitza Loop offers the perfect solution for those seeking a barefoot experience with optimal traction. An ideal minimalist shoe for fitness classes, bare and studio sessions, the Alitza Loop is light, breathable and follows your every move. Easy on/off makes for an effortless transition from home, to studio, to running errands around town. Offered for women only.

  • Weight: W38=2.99 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 2mm + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: N/A EVA • Rubber: 3.5mm
  • Upper Material: Stretch Polyamide
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Love love love!


Absolutely the best. I use them to work to and from work and during work. Typically the toes are too big but this fits my small toes. They have a feminine ballerina look I love while still looking like I'm ready for anything! I recommend them to everyone who asks me, "Are they comfortable?" -with the caveat that they enjoy being barefoot.

Tampa, FL



These are my absolute favorite as one of my dressy pairs of shoes. They are soooo comfortable. I wear nothing else but Vibram anywhere.

Mobile AL

Toes are to small!


I love all of my Vibram shoes, I own 5 pair of various Vibram shoes. The Aliza Loop are very pretty and comfortable except the toes especially the pinky toe is too small. I am keeping the shoes even though the toes are too small but the next pair I buy "I want a pair of the pink ones" will be a size bigger than what I normally wear which is a 39 and they don't have the pink ones in stock in a 40. Vibram Five Finger shoes are the only shoes I can wear now. If I wear a regular pair of shoes the balls of my feet start hurting within 5 minutes of wearing them. I've bought very expensive hiking boots and Nike Air tennis shoes that I cannot wear. I can wear boots that have a nice thick lining but that's the only other way I can wear different shoes "boots" other than Vibrams. I broke my back and these are still so very comfortable and I definitely need shoes that are stabile because I can't afford to slip and fall at this point in my life.

Hohenwald Tennessee


First and best loved


I wear these a lot. To the gym, the store, around the house. They are very light and comfortable. Easy to put on and take off. Oh, how I wish you would keep making them! The closest thing to a barefoot experience.

Northern Colorado


Wanted to love but would not fit my pinky toe


I wanted to love this shoe so badly! It was well made and comfortable, however my pinky toe just wouldn't go! I am not sure if the pinky toe hole was cut too low on the shoe or the seam for the toe was too long/short. Looking at the picture of the shoe, my foot matches the shape except my pinky, it doesn't sit as low on the foot as how the shoe is set up. I wore it around my house for a few days hoping the pinky toe area might stretch a bit but it didn't happen. I may try to order another pair of vibrams in hopes that the pinky toe area is made different so my foot can fit. I would advise you to carefully look at your toes and how the shoe is formed, if you see any major discrepancies the shoe may not fit, or you can just hope that you get a strangely made shoe to fit your strange foot haha.

Edmonton, Alberta


Good looking but run small.


I normally wear a 38 but these run small, so order up a size. Everything about these is smaller - the foot bed is narrow and the toe pockets are smaller. I bought a "final sale" so I guess I'll be gifting mine to someone.



These are great!


I wish the loop elastic was a little stronger, but otherwise, these are awesome! Nightshade is a perfect shade of purple, and I want it in other colors too!

Boston, MA


This is a perfect shoe!


In case Vibram runs out of this style, I am buying my third pair now. I love this shoe. It is so perfect for the summer. Not too hot and not too cold. Just perfect. I did upsize it by one because someone in the comments recommended I do so and it fits perfect. Love this shoe.

Las Vegas NV


I wanted to love these


I have another pair of Vibrams that I bought years ago. I love them, and they fit great. They've gotten a bit worn out, so I decided to buy another pair. I love the mint color of these, but that's about it. I bought the size 39, and this pair just didn't fit well on me. I have long toes, and my pinky toes were completely smushed in these. For some reason, the pinky toe is significantly shorter than the rest in the design of this shoe. The rest of the toes fit ok, although the fabric that covers the top of the toes was actually too loose. The straps that go over the top of the foot were also too loose on me. Standing still, they weren't even touching my feet. But, I have slender feet, so I guess I should've stuck with a pair with the adjustable straps. I can't go down a size because my pinky toes would be even more smushed, and I can't go up a size to make room for my pinkies because the rest of the shoe would be too big. I'll be returning these and hopefully finding another pair, because I really do love the shoes. It feels like being barefoot, which I love.

Atlanta, GA


This is my very first!


I love this shoe! Fits great! All my Yoga and Pilates instructor friends have gotten a pair.



Alitza Loop

4.5 18