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This casual minimalist shoe offers nature lovers a breathable, sustainable slip-on shoe with a true barefoot feel. read more


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    Navy / Grey
  • Runs small! Go up a size!

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Sale! $100.00 $70.00

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  • Ultimate in lightness
  • Optimum balance of lightness and durability
  • Ideal for working on your feet & long walks in the park

XS Trek

  • Optimal balance of traction and durability
  • Responsive on unpredictable terrain
  • Engineered for stability and comfort

Additional Information


This casual minimalist shoe offers nature lovers a breathable, sustainable slip-on shoe with a true barefoot feel. Made from a hemp / poly blend and designed to slip on as a shoe or fold back as a clog, the CVT Hemp is both durable and comfortable.

  • Weight: M43= 3.45 oz. W38=2.785 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 2mm EVA+Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: 6.5 mm EVA • Rubber: 3.5mm
  • Upper Material: Hemp / Poly Blend
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Would love to buy,


I would really like to purchase a pair, unfortunately it seems they only come in certain sizes and only in the black for the most part, and no word if they will ever restock old sizes and colors such as the blue ones hopefully they will soon , as I, and I'm sure many others would love to buy them.

Las Vegas

I wear these daily.


The hemps are my daily wear shoes. I put them on in the morning and take them off at night. I wear EVOs to work out in, but these for everything else. I have a job where I can get away with wearing them (tenured university professor) to work and they get a lot of stares. I really love it when someone asks if they are comfortable. I usually answer, "No, my feet are in constant pain." I guess I don't suffer fools lightly. Anyway, these are just so comfortable and they allow me to go barefoot without the hazards of being actually barefoot in an industrialized country. I am continually amazed by people that torture their feet in shoes or insist on wearing heavy, thick soled sneakers. My feet and legs are extremely toned and my balance is excellent--and I am 65 years old!

Beaumont, TX

Super light weight and perfect once wore in


When i fist received mine i thought i had ordered a size too small. I had a 41 in the KSO so i ordered a 41 in the hemp and the fit was quite tight. I then ordered a 42 so i could compare and the 42 was almost a toe length too long so i committed to the 41 wearing socks and wearing them everywhere until they stretched into the perfect fit. Now they slip on and off no issue bear foot and i wear these everywhere but the gym now. They stretched and fit so well that i even sent back my 41 KSO and got a size down and now they fit perfect too. Snug enough to stay on the foot without allowing my toes to curl inside the shoe or allow the toes to roll under my feet. The weight difference between these and the KSO is absolutely crazy too, these are like a feather and the KSO is like a tennis shoe when holding them side by side and i thought the KSO's were light!

Aloha OR

My first pair and I'm hooked!


I decided after all these years to finally buy a pair. I decided to go with the blue CVT-Hemp just to use around the house. They were a bit tight at first but after using them a bit they stretched and fit comfortably! Easy to slip on and great to go about your normal day. Excited to get a second pair!

Orlando, FL


Barefoot feel


I decided to get these because my posture, walking and back were changing and out of alignment from substantial weight loss. I needed to retrain my body to walk right. I can't even believe the confidence that these shoes give you after you learn how to walk again. People make faces because they don't understand. My body thanks you and my feet thank you.

Las Vegas, NV


Love this shoe--men's size for women!


These have been the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. For several years, I had been trying Correct Toes around the house but I had to modify them and then use pads to protect my toes where they did not really fit well. I wear these CVT-Hemps with Injinji liner toe socks. They provide the same benefits of Correct Toes without the pads and pain. I have ordered a second pair just in case Five Fingers stops making them. I wear a men's size 40 -- which is perfect for my size 9 in Altra Ones or 41 in Lems Primal 2s. They fit like a glove so I cannot imagine a man with larger feet being able to fit into them. Please keep making these Vibram Five Fingers!! Thanks!

Boston, MA


Such a light, and comfortable shoe.


The only reason I am not rating 5* is all my shoes run size 43 and fit perfectly. I wish I had ordered one size up as they were a bit too snug for a good while until I stretched and wore them in.

North Utah


The Best Shoe I've Ever Owned


I always thought these were for hipster, croc 2.0 wearing, look at me types. I am man enough to admit when I'm wrong. I've been unable to run for years thanks to an old meniscus injury from the Army/Navy game back in 95. Ok it was a phish concert at soldiers and sailors memorial hall so basically same thing. Anyway I'm still alive which allows the reader to know I quit using drugs and thus have declined surgery. I'd take a 4th wife before I put opiates in this old body again. Not that I'd mind it but the coming down usually takes me a solid decade to titrate. Anywho, thanks to these revolutionary shoes I've started running again for the first time in five years. I also only wear hemp shoes so I'm going to hoard a few more pair in case they discontinue this beautiful piece.

Kansas City, Missourah


Hemp Vibram Shoes So Great!


Thank you to the employees of Vibram for helping me chose a shoe that was right for me! The hemp ones are my favorite! I bought the bluish grey and am saving up to get the tan. They are so comfortable and versatile for walking on soft ground. Great shoe!

Whitney Point NY


Great Show


4th pair of vibrma. I work in a semi proffesional environment and am a sucker for bright colors, but felt my trek ascents and round 1 spyridonsnwere a bit distracting. These let me get away with wearing my favorite shoes everyday! Thanks Vibrams




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