FiveFingers V-NEOP

Many companies talk about innovation and the importance of innovation.

What positions Vibram apart is that our innovation goal is driven by the intuitions of athletes and enthusiasts, and from the best product fans around the globe. We extrapolate those insights from our most loyal FiveFingers enthusiasts, and use leading-edge manufacturing and technical research to create solutions for them. This new product focuses on the needs of the FiveFingers loyalist. From adding sparkly colors for an improved look, to the finished product that helps athletes and all consumers push themselves to their full potential. This is why Vibram continues to lead the minimalism industry.

A powerful example of this is the new Vibram FiveFingers V-NEOP. It features a comfortable, functional neoprene upper and a grippy Vibram outsole, offering a street-stylish way to explore the urban playground while providing the ability to walk in a confident way across a stream. Leveraged by athletes of all levels in different sports, the neoprene upper adds a measure of warmth and comfort. Plus, the neoprene works like a traditional wetsuit for your foot; it lets a small amount of water in, and insulates it so you can comfortably enjoy activities in and around the beach, lake or pool. Another game-changing innovation that we originally developed for competitive runners is the antimicrobial treatment that helps combat odor. The 3mm minimalist outsole provides a good ground feel. The non-marking XS Trek performance rubber outsole is extremely versatile, with great traction on wet and dry surfaces. When it might seem that the Vibram FiveFingers technology is maturing, we found and we continue to find, that if we look deeper, if we change our perspective, there's always room to keep innovating.