Vibram Traction Lug

Turn up the volume, amplify the performance

Vibram Traction Lug is the innovative, new design concept that focuses on the key element in traction - the shape of the lug. Thanks to athletes’ know-how, and the constant drive by Vibram to enhance grip and traction, Vibram’s Traction Lug revolutionizes your activity outside: increased traction up to 25%*. Adding stability, and improving surface area by 50%. The science proves propulsion and braking power without comparison.

Vibram Traction Lug uses micro features which make a macro difference - field tested and athlete proven for you.

(*)Traction increase up to 25% (tested @ Heelux using their proprietary KIT Traction set up) compared to soles with plain lugs, depending on different type of terrains and different combination between soles and micro-featured lugs, available in Traction Lug collection.