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Repair If You Care

Find the Vibram shoe repair shop near you and ask for a repair work on your favourite shoes with a new Vibram sole and technology.

Boston, (Massachusetts, USA) March 4, 2021 – Vibram, the leading producer of high-performance rubber soles, launches Repair If You Care’ – a campaign focused on the concept of footwear re-use and repair as a sustainable approach for the environment, and support for the struggling shoe repair industry. The campaign launches across North America and Europe with a series of digital activations aimed at all types of footwear-loving consumers, encouraging them to visit their local shoe repair shop to extend the life of their favorite, well-worn shoes.

In an ever-changing world, consumers have become accustomed to impulse buying, accumulating products that often remain unused in our wardrobes. For many people, footwear is like a simple object that can be used and replaced as soon as it shows wear. Other people are convinced that a pair of shoes represents experiences, journeys and stories worth telling. The principal objective of this campaign is to encourage all consumers to play a role in reducing the collective impact on the environment and support independent shoe repair businesses at the same time, by repairing and customising their much-loved shoes instead of sending them to the landfill.

“Vibram has always had sustainability at its core, even as far back as 1994 with the launch of ‘Vibram EcoStep’ – the first compound made with 30% recycled rubber from industrial waste. Since then, Vibram has continued its dedication to a more sustainable approach, as well as providing support for the shoe repair business by giving the sector enhanced visibility by renewing consumer interest in the world of artisanal footwear.” says Fabrizio Gamberini, Global Chief Brand Officer and President, Vibram.

In the US (ONLY), Vibram is running the ‘Virtual Cobbler Consultation’ program and highlighting certified shoe-repair businesses through its Cobbler Locator feature on its website, to help drive business to cobblers across America – an industry hard hit by the COVID-19 economic impact. Through the consultation program consumers can book a free, one-on-one online consultation with Vibram’s master cobbler to receive an in-depth analysis of their shoe repair needs and directions to a Vibram-certified cobbler located nearest to them. This one-on-one program has already seen over 150 consumers book consultations and go on to provide shoe repair shops across the U.S. with much-needed business. Just one year ago there were over 4500 shoe repair shops in the USA; many of them were forced to close due to CV19, others seeing drops in revenue by as much as 30-35%. Almost any shoe can be repaired and given a new lease of life - from the most high-end dress shoes, right through to leisure and sports footwear.

The campaign is now live in North America and Europe and is slated to expand to other markets in the future.




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