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Vibram joins the Freeride World Tour again

The Freeride World Tour is happening again: first stop Baqueria Beret on 22-28 January 2022. Vibram is happy to be a part of this awesome family. It’s going to be tons of fun. This year Vibram also teamed up with Freeride World Tour and Peak Performance on the The Freeride World Tour Podcast, which will give the public a fresh new way to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings from the tour. Episode 1 is already live, check it out on the Freeride World Tour website.

Through the years of collaboration with some of the Freeride World skiers, Vibram developed specific technologies and sole designs to provide high level of grip and durability on the thoughest surfaces at low temperatures.

Climb safely. Always.



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