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Jan 1, 2014

July 31st 1954: Vibram summits K2!

July 31st 1954: Vibram summits K2! Dominating at 8,611 meters (28251 feet), the K2 is the Earth’s second-highest after Mount Everest. A peak well known for its alpine difficulty due to the steepness of all its slopes, characterized by sections of challenging climbs near the pinnacle and by the almost total absence of places to set up a high camp. The K2 was summited for the first time by Italian climbers Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli on July 31st 1954 , members of the Italian expedition led by Ardito Desio. An important feat in the history of international mountaineering; a corner stone in the history of Vibram, a major protagonist on the shoes of the members of the expedition . Vibram “Tested where it matters. No less than 6 different types of Vibram soles were used by the climbers, all mounted on Dolomite shoes: for the journey to site, the trek to base camp, the climbing approaches, the high-altitude climbs and for the final attack to the summit: for each section and phase of the climb, Vibram designed “high performance rubber soles” capable of offering alpinists the maximum level of Safety ; a “magic” word that today still stands to define the company’s corporate mission, symbolically embodied by Vibram’s unique yellow octagon logo, a synonym of Quality, Performance and – yes – Safety. 60 years later… From the first epic and victorious K2 ascent, the ways and styles of enjoying mountaineering have radically changed. Vibram has been a major and active player in this evolution, building and consolidating year after year, its leadership in the field of high performance rubber soles. To the point where, today, alpine trekking has made way to mountain trail-running and skyrunning! And once again with Vibram soles; amply and widely demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands of “trail runners” worldwide – including the athletes of the Trailrunning Team Vibram® , following in their own way, in the footsteps of Vibram soles inventor and company founder Vitale Bramani . In a few weeks, some of them will all be at the start of the “Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc®” 2014 race, to challenge Europe’s highest mountain: this time aiming not for altitude but for “velocity”; to go around its 166 km (100 miles approx) as fast as possible. 60 years after making history summiting K2, Vibram continues to write chapters with enormous passion, in the history of mountaineering quests.

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