Product Care

Taking Care of Your Vibram FiveFingers


You’ve adjusted life in your Vibram FiveFingers and have been on great adventures. Now, they need some tender care. Here are some tips on how to best clean, dry, and prevent odors.

Yes! Vibram FiveFingers; are machine washable.


1. Kick-off loose debris.

2. Add Vibram FiveFingers to the washing machine.

3. Add regular detergent.

4. Set to cool/cold water cycle.


1. Air or line dry only, away from direct sunlight if possible.

2. Do not place Vibram FiveFingers into the dryer.

Odor Prevention:

If odor still lingers after washing and drying your Vibram FiveFingers, we recommend:

1. Wearing a pair of toe socks with your shoes. 

2. Soaking Vibram FiveFingers in a bucket of water with a denture-cleaning tablet. Be sure to machine wash and air dry before resuming wear.