People who like to go to the mountains may feel leaving a sign of their passage as something negative, as if the human presence affects the perfection of nature. Vibram, on the other hand, marked a positive step, revolutionizing forever the way of going to the mountains thanks to its high-performance soles suitable for every type of situation, from sports to everyday life, looking for production solutions with low environmental impact. Its avant-garde communication strategy has made Vibram known all over the world; the company has participated in trade fairs throughout Europe, has created advertising campaigns for each country where its register offices or dealers are located. There have been many claims cleared since the 1940s: “Imitated by all, surpassed by none”; “To each their own sole”; “Vibram challenges time”. In Argentina Vibram becomes “The easy-walking sole”, in the United States “The legend of Vibram soles”. In the 1980s, the concept of the sole was introduced as a point of contact between man and the Earth “Between the Earth and you”; this is how the company reconfirms today: “Vibram. Your connection to Earth”.