Tested where it matters, this is the Vibram claim that well describes one of the intrinsic characteristics of Vitale Bramani and the company he founded. Between 1936 and 1937, Vitale himself, with his wife Maria and mountaineering friends, tests the first prototypes of the Carrarmato sole several times during his excursions and mountain climbing. After each test, the product is improved, sometimes in the design, positioning or size of the lugs, so as to improve the grip, sometimes in the consistency of the rubber compound to create longer lasting soles.

The first successful test for Vitale and Ettore Castiglioni dates back to 1937 with the conquest of Pizzo Badile, thus marking the birth of the first Carrarmato sole for mountains and mountaineering. It so happens that a few years later, in 1949, a young Walter Bonatti retraces the very route established by Bramani and Castiglioni, wearing the same soles.

Over the years, Vibram has developed and expanded the concept and the importance of testing to improve the performance and guarantee the quality of its soles before making them available on the market. In 1999, the Vibram Tester Team is thus born, a group of professionals experienced in outdoor disciplines and activities, with the aim of testing Vibram products in the most difficult and prohibitive situations, contributing to the company's constant commitment to research and development. Over time, the Tester Team has also evolved, enriching itself with a more scientific approach: in addition to field testing, the Team has been equipped with technical tools such as variable inclination ramps, platforms that measure the forces exchanged with the ground, baropodometric platforms and many others that enable to measure a real performance in a more mathematical way. In addition to the athletes, the team now also includes mechanical and biomedical engineers specialized in sports disciplines.

Alongside the Tester Team, made up of about 200 people, a team of ambassadors made up of the most important brands in climbing, mountaineering, MTBike, skiing and trail running, chooses Vibram products to face the most difficult and spectacular challenges.