It was an accident in the mountains that sparked Vitale Bramani's desire to find a solution to make going to the mountains safer. In fact, very unsafe shoes and their slippery soles were the starting point for the study and then the production of the Carrarmato sole, a sole that, as Vitale himself would say, “Ensures maximum safety on all types of terrain”.

Over the years, Vibram has increasingly raised its safety standards with regard to soles, and not only in the sports field. Here is what a 1947 Vibram advertisement reads: “A safe sole for a safe shoe ... Not only for the mountains, skiing or golf, but also for walking, or in case of rain, shoes equipped with Vibram soles give you maximum reliability”

Thirty years after the invention of the Carrarmato sole, in 1967, Vitale Bramani launches the Security sole on the market: a name, a guarantee; thanks to a slip-resistant nitrile-based compound and lamellae inserted on the classic Carrarmato sole, Vibram Security it is the first sole guaranteed for life that allows Vibram to enter the safety market. In the following years, there are various examples of Vibram soles and technologies that make safety one of the fundamental characteristics, such as the Vibram Arctic Grip compound, a real innovation in terms of grip on icy surfaces, especially on wet ice, to obtain greater protection during winter excursions; and feeling safe also helps to overcome one's limits.