Challenges are part of everyone's life and in some cases they embody its essence. Vitale Bramani knows this very well. Since he is a child he is driven by the desire of going beyond his limits: at six he climbed the balconies of his home, at fourteen he began to climb mountains, responding to the need to test his tenacity and willpower. “Someone told me that it was a crazy fixation to want to climb the Torre from that crack: I don't blame them, but, after a similar test, you feel more and more confident. And it is something already”. Vitale writes this in his early twenties in one of his articles for the magazine Le Prealpi.

Vibram's history seems closely linked to the idea of ​​challenge. In 1954 the Italian mountaineers conquer K2 wearing Vibram soles; in the 1960s, Vitale Bramani takes the risk, which proved to be a winner, of exporting the licenses to produce Vibram soles overseas, first in Argentina, then in the USA, until he reaches eleven dealers in a few years. The challenge of 1994 is to produce more environmentally sustainable soles: Ecostep is the sole with 30% recycled rubber. In 2004, the test to pass is to revolutionize the way of walking with Vibram FiveFingers, which gives the sensation of walking barefoot, but with the functional protection of a high-performance sole.

From 1937 to today Vibram has challenged time, accompanying all those who wear them in their personal challenges with the mountains and beyond.