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Vibram created the “Repair If You Care” campaign to educate consumers on re-using and repairing shoes as a sustainable way of reducing the environmental impact from product waste.

The brand’s principal objective is to encourage consumers to reuse and personalise their shoes instead of throwing them away, underlining that repair is a valuable opportunity for reducing waste, and a conscious choice linked to sustainability.

Therefore, Vibram invites everyone to join the “Repair If You Care” campaign and extend product lifecycles where possible by reusing or customising shoes that would otherwise be thrown out. Even a small contribution by one person can make a difference to our collective environmental impact.

With the “Repair If You Care” campaign, Vibram is committed to increasing awareness about the positive impacts of reusing or repurposing footwear.

Any shoe can be resoled by expert cobblers, from dress shoes to outdoors and sports footwear. The Vibram sole becomes the protagonist: a style and performance detail that makes the difference.