Favorite FiveFinger(s):  "The KMD EVO because it's as tough as I am"


I was Oklahoma born and Sooner branded. I spent my life pushing my body beyond its abilities to measure who I was against both myself and my opponents.  Following this God Given Gift allowed me to excel as a football player during my career at OU and the Seattle Seahawks. Pushing myself to the degree I did caused so much damage to my body it resulted in me having to stop doing the things I loved the most..working out and feeling alive. Finding a product like the Vibram Fivefingers reinvigorated my heart and soul, bringing back my ability to workout again and challenge my tomorrow with the hope that I can again. I can truly state that 50 is the new 25 if you have the right tools!! My Vibram of choice is KMD EVO because it's as tough as I am!!