Our story with Vibram started when we walked into our local gym for a workout like any other day.  They were filming a video with gym goers trying out the Vibram shoes and giving feedback.  We tried the Vibram shoes and were blown away by the feel and flexibility of the shoes.  The way they felt on the floor, gave us more grip and foot muscle involvement was amazing.  From there we were instant fans.  It was actually perfect timing because we were moving to Miami from Los Angeles two weeks later and now live on the beach.  We use our Vibram shoes daily for our beach Runs & Sprints and they enable us to enjoy the healthy lifestyle we love so much in a way that no normal shoe ever could.  We have a background as personal trainers and as a physical therapist and we passionately believe in the benefits of health and wellness and love the way that the Vibram Shoes help people live that lifestyle better through their unique shoe technology.