FAVORITE FF: Drum roll please..... ITS A TIE! KSO EVO & V-RUN, both of these styles are so light weight and versatile that whether I'm on the sidewalk, the trail, or hopping on my single speed to get to my office (nearest coffee shop) they're keeping me grounded and comfortable.

BIO: I was born and raised in a greek family FOB (fresh off the boat) so it's only fitting that I found a passion for running marathons. After years of trying out all sorts of different sole's, I was finally introduced to the cinderella slipper of my life; the FiveFinger. Six years later and having tried out probably every style offered, there's no looking back. 

Today, working for a company that promotes what I like to refer to as Mother Nature's elixir of life, DRINKmaple - maple water, I'm constantly in an environment with Ironmen triathletes, fitness guru's, health buffs, etc and being able to share my two passions with them brings me nothing but pure joy!