Furoshiki Russian Felt Mid Boot




Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! 

New for fall 2017!  The Russian Felt Unisex Mid Furoshiki Boot from Vibram! Available in a plush, elegant Grey and Red (Inner) Color scheme. This boot features a very unique construction and is the cadillac of the new 2017 line.  A bit sleeker and svelt than the other offerings in the line - this boot surely gets the aesthetic edge.  For fit and fashion, this is your choice!

Our latest and greatest innovation in alternative footwear! Take it Everywhere ... for everywhere you go and everything you do, there's Furoshiki!

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XS City

Style and Safety Around The Street. This is XS City.

  • Distinguished Grip in Urban Environments.
  • Safe walking on wet surfaces.
  • Optimal compromise between durabiity and grip for modern day performance.


XS City

  • Maximum Anti-Slip on Urban Wet Surfaces such as sidewalks and concrete
  • Formulated to provide the best grip on typical city streets
  • High level grip on wet allows a safe walk even on smooth marble and metallic floors. 
  • Provides good cushioning level for comfort during city strolls.

Additional Information


One of our latest additions to the Furoshiki Collection for 2017! The Russian Felt Mid Boot new for 2017 is inspired by Russian Traditional Boots made of felt, while sheep's wool is used to make seamless, warm and healthy looking shoes. The seamlessness of this offering is probably its most staggering characteristic. 

  • Upper Material:  Double Face Stretch Felt
  • Outsole: XS City
  • Unique Grey with Red Liner
  • 100% Synthetic


*Please note: The Shearling Boot can be a little more snug due to the nature of the fabrics, and being lined. Sizing up may give your foot more space, especially if you wear your original Furoshiki snug already.

Planning on a nice cozy sock for added warmth? Then size up!

Velcro dead after a month of use


Expected them to last at least a year, but...



I really want to give this shoe more stars, BUT


The heel cups on the Furoshikis seem to curl in and dig into the back and sides of my heel; both pairs I bought this year have had the same problem. I don't know if there's a way to stretch the heels or bend them backward/out so that they'll stay that way, either, since they seem to be rubber. The felt itself is comfy and stretchy (I'm sorry, but "vegan felt" seems silly, considering sheep naturally shed their wool anyway), and my feet don't get as hot in them as they do in the neoprene ones. I wish the leg was cut a little different, too. If I wear them up, the whole leg wants to sag down... and then of course it rests on top of the heel cup, which then digs in more. I've tried really thick socks cuffed down where the cup turns in, and that only seems to partially fix the problem. I don't want to have to wear moleskin pads every time I wear these shoes, but they're comfy and cute otherwise, so I'll try to make something work. Maybe a chunk of pool noodle... When buying a Vibram shoe, I wish I could always be certain the fit in my known size would be right no matter what, the quality would always be good, and that the company would keep making them instead of arbitrarily discontinuing styles for one gender but not the other (I'm looking at you, Women's TrekSport). Alas, my frustration with Vibram continues with Furoshiki, but for some reason I keep being optimistic that *next* time it will be better...




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