Furoshiki Neoprene Boot Mid


Furoshiki Neoprene Boot Mid

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Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do!

New from Vibram! Now in Winter Neoprene Boots.

Our latest and greatest innovation in alternative footwear!  The Neoprene Boot adds both fashion and function to our original wrapping sole concept, with a bit of water resistance. Offered in both Mid and Hi options to suit your needs.  Wear it casually at your leisure or dress it up over a pair of skinny jeans or leggings!  Experience the wrapping wonder of Vibram one piece construction with the grip and durability of a Vibram Rubber Sole!

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Sale! $140.00 $70.00

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Our latest addition to the Furoshiki Collection! Our Neoprene boots provide added comfort and warmth to the wrapping sole concept, offering a luxurious, snug fit for hanging out around the home or traveling out and about!

  • Embossed textile
  • Neoprene water repellency 
  • Megagrip rubber compound for added durability 
  • Glow in the dark features


Better than naked feet


100% disabled Vet with two foot reconstructions. Bought two pair of the Furoshiki boots last fall and wore them all through the winter. These are the only thing I can wear and be comfortable in for more than 30 min. These are so great in any environment. Wish I could say the same about the shoes, but they're out of my price range.



I want to give these more stars, BUT


The heel cups on the Furoshikis seem to curl in and dig into the back and sides of my heel; both pairs I bought this year have had the same problem. I don't know if there's a way to stretch the heels or bend them backward/out, either, since they seem to be rubber. The neoprene is really warm and though I felt comfortable while wearing them, as soon as I took them off I realized how sweaty my feet were (suddenly they were cold, though the house was warm). Haven't worn them in the rain/wet yet, but we'll see if they can stand up to an Oregon winter; I'm a bit skeptical. I wish the leg was cut a little wider, too. If I wear them up, the whole leg wants to sag down... and then of course it rests on top of the heel cup, which then digs in more. I've tried really thick socks cuffed down where the cup turns in, and that only seems to partially fix the problem. I don't want to have to wear moleskin pads every time I wear these shoes, but they're comfy and cute otherwise, so I'll try to make something work. Maybe a chunk of pool noodle... When buying a Vibram shoe, I wish I could always be certain that the fit in my known size would be right no matter what, the quality would always be good, and that the company would keep making them instead of arbitrarily discontinuing styles for one gender but not the other (I'm looking at you, Women's TrekSport). Alas, my frustration with Vibram continues with Furoshiki, but for some reason I keep being optimistic that *next* time it will be better...



My most comfortable boot ever.


These boots are seriously comfy. It feels like I'm wearing thick neoprene socks with a sturdy yet flexible rubber sole. Easy for walking long distances, hiking, and dancing. I've taken these out to the desert during the winter and while I was at first skeptical that the way they wrapped would make crevices for the elements, I actually found that didn't let in any sand or dirt at all. They also are great for rocky terrain and the forest floor. I've been taking these with me for the outdoor festival season as they are fantastic dancing shoes for night time!! I love that my ankles are unencumbered so I can stretch them--I have full mobility, which I *do not* get with normal boots at all. The soles are super grippy. I live in southern California and have found these boots work best for between 40-65ish degrees. Handling below those temps requires thick wool socks, at least if you're out for several hours. I sized up so I can fit big cozy socks and it was an excellent decision. When it's around 60 and I'm wearing normal cotton socks, I can wiggle my toes more and the extra space doesn't bother me at all. In fact, it feels pretty dang awesome to be able to wiggle my toes while the rest of my foot is strapped in and completely secure. I'm normally a size 8-8.5 in womens, 38-39 in the fivefingers, have wider feet, and found size M to be perfect. I'm able to fully close the ankle velcro, so if you have thicker ankles then you can still do it but you'd have some velcro exposed that might catch your legwarmers. The only disadvantage to these boots is how sweaty my feet get if I'm wearing them for a while, which honestly is not nearly enough to outweigh the advantages. Just bring extra socks if you're wearing them for several days and you'll be fine! I know people don't recommend these getting wet, so don't--they excel at so many other things. I so badly wish they came in more fun colors. I want several more pairs of these exact boot!! Get them before they're gone forever!!!

Southern California




Why in the world!?!?!? Why would you wear a boot that wraps up your ankle and even as high as your upper calf, when the portion on your foot itself is not even remotely waterproof? abjectly idiotic! Why would you label your size of XXXL as only fitting a size 12 mens foot? Sincerely stupid. I have been running barefoot for 7+ years now and am so disappointed that you people STILL don't produce a five toed shoe for ANY season for my size 13-14 feet, nor any kind of real minimalist winter shoe/boot for any size foot. Still stuck in my undersize ascent insulated shoes as my anemic and yet only and best solution as a barefoot running in NE winters. -Tee'd off IN Western NYS

Rochester NY

LOVE these. Will get a lot of use this winter.


These are a lot of fun, easy to put on and take off, and they're extremely comfortable. I love that I can fit them under the cuffs of my pants without bulking up the ankle area, or wrap them over pants with minimal addition of bulk. With ankle socks under them, they were warm enough at 27 degrees F, the lowest temperature we've hit since I received them. I love the Japanese aesthetic; My mother was Japanese and between my watching her wrap gifts with furoshiki fabrics and my childhood fascination with ninja movie videos that relatives would include in care packages from Japan, these boots trigger nostalgic memories with modern styling. These boots work great whether I'm wearing jeans or a funky black Yamamoto (or Yamamoto-inspired) long skirt or pant. My only complaint is that the low neoprene version isn't available for purchase in the U.S. I'd buy them in an instant.

Germantown, MD


Would consider buying again but true to size.


Bought a XL even though I'm a US men size 10, as I read reviews elsewhere that this tend to be slightly small, especially if you're wearing socks. Turns out that wasn't the case - the shoes are slightly big for me, although they can support without any socks on. I guess wearing socks would reduce any such gaps. Will advise more after my trip on whether these really keep you warm. My feet certainly felt slightly sweaty after the tryout.

Singapore (not China)


Furoshiki Neoprene Boot Mid

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