Furoshiki Original Shearling Boot High


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Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! 


New from Vibram. Now in Shearling Lined Boots!


Our latest and greatest innovation in alternative footwear! Take it Everywhere ... for everywhere you go and everything you do, there's Furoshiki!

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Sale! $135.00 $67.50

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Vibram EcoStep Outsole, made using recyclable soling materials

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Our latest addition to the Furoshiki Collection! Our shearling boots provide added comfort and warmth to the wrapping sole concept, offering a luxurious, snug fit for hanging out around the home or traveling out and about! For the everyday person on the go, this latest innovation lets you escape those big, bulky boots. The synthetic shearling lining provides an added softness and comfort against the leg and these boots feature our trademark Vibram ECOSTEP outsole, as well as a synthetic shearling upper. Hook and Loop closures help to provide the proper fit for anyone! 

*Please Note that the sole of this product may feature some speckles.  This is a natural occurence of our EcoStep compound, which is made from recycled materials, and does not affect the sole or its functional performance!


*Please note: Our shearling boot can be a little more snug due to the nature of the fabrics, and being lined. Sizing up may give your foot more space, especially if you wear your original Furoshiki snug already. Unfortunately the High-cut Boot does not come in a wide calf size.

Planning on a nice cozy sock for added warmth? Then size up!

Good, needs some small tweaks


So got these Dec 2017 on sale, been wearing them most of the time since, although with the warmer weather perhaps a bit less. Overall, really love these! Took a few weeks to get used to the feel as they are a narrower sole and barefoot style, but after that feels quite good. Generally nice and warm, please feeling, although I typically wear with socks as that helps keep my feet from sweating too much. Like the style, overall fairly easy to get on/off once I got used to it. Wearing with jeans it does hide the fact that there's a bit of velcro showing most of the time on the edge of the wrap. Not a big deal for me. The bad: 1) The side straps could be a touch longer. On the one hand they do need to be somewhat tight, but as with others 0.5-1" longer would make it much better, or some kind of adjustable length end. 2) Seems to be completely non-water resistant. Walking around LA in a light rain and quickly my toes start to get soaked. Was expecting these to be at least a little water resistant from light rain/walking on wet sidewalk. 3) After the 5 months of mostly daily wear, the side velcro does seem to be losing it's strength, although generally still good. I'm a bit worried that it'll continue to deteriorate, and then I'll have to try and pull off the existing hook and find compatible and glue it on.

Westside, Los Angeles, CA



These boot are wonderfully light, flexible, and worm. Pretty much the perfect boot for running around or cozying up on a cold day. The velcro looks very tough and I am betting it will last me over a year or more. The only thing that I am not crazy about is the size. I usually wear a size 8 normal shoe so I ordered a small. Its definitely snug around the heel, but its more annoying than painful and I bet that as I break them in they will probably stretch out a bit. I personally prefer my shoes to be a bit tight, but if you are looking to wear thick socks with these boots I would definitely order a size up. Over all love them and seriously don't want to take them off. WAY TOO COZY! :b Thanks so much to Vibram!


New 2017 version is great!


I bought this in 2016 and like many said the velcro didi it hold well. I went through three pairs last year before giving up. Vikram did however make a new model where THE VELCRO HOLD PHENOMENALLY! If you read bad reviews, it is from the previous year which was the debut. The heel cup does did a little if you wear without socks, so I ordered a sheepskin innersole for mine and took care of it immediately!

Albuquerque, NM


Cute boots but...


I couldn't say these are so so comfortable. They are warm and fit TIGHTLY around your feet, ankles and calf. I wear a size 5 womens and purchased the XS, the shoe/base part fits just right. The straps that go around over the top of your foot barely reach over to the velcro closure. I leave them unsecured or else if I try force pull it all the way, the strap would be so tight around the top part of my ankle it cuts off circulation. Perhaps the fabric is meant to stretch over time? There's this hard bit that cups your heel inside the boot and tends to dig into the back of my ankle while walking. The closure around the calves fit, there is a large enough strip of velcro to provide some 'give', but since you cant close it all the way, the velcro strip shows. It is definitely not large enough to close over jeans, only thin leggings. My ankle measurement is 8", and calf is at 13.5", foot length 8.5" The height of the boot shaft, from base to top is about 14". Overall, its a good looking boot and warm. (I live in so. Cali) Hopefully it gets more comfortable with time.

San Diego, CA


poor sizing


so badly hoped these would be a winner. both i and my housemate found the ankle straps to be too short/non-stretchy to actually hook them to the velcro. that major problem aside, the shaft was just too narrow as well. she ordered the neoprene ones and those could be hooked easily at the ankle on both of us, and the calf on them was tight but manageable. when they say these don't come in a large calf size, what they mean is that if you have muscular calves (or anything other than very skinny calves) these will not fit. the arch issue was the most bizarre part though. i've never had anything (vibram or otherwise) that didn't fit through that part of my foot!

minneapolis, mn


Second year and Velcro won"t hold


Have to say that the end of last year thought it was a fluke but now cannot get the Velcro to stick anymore. Bought another pair the end of last year and one just three weeks ago and concerned long time investment may be unsatisfactory. A shame because they are comfortable but not very warming so socks in winter necessary. Will hope it is the only pair I have issue with.

Whitehouse, NJ


love doesn't last


I loved these boots when I got them last year and reccommended them to many people, some of whom got them too. BUT - as others have noted, the velcro doesn't last. I held themn together with electrical tape because i love them, burt it isn't a long term solution. When I asked for help, customer service suggested that i replace the velcro - not particularly helpful. The second time I asked for help I got no reply at all. I love five fingers and wear them and have been wearing them for running and walking for years. it's disappointing to be disappointed now, both with the velcro and with the customer service response. Help?

San Francisco


Try again to like these.


I am trying to wear these again now that it is cold. The Velcro gas gone from frustrating (constantly coming undone) to worthless (not closing at all). Comfy and Cosy until I move and they fall open. Can't believe the designer thought a tiny triangle of Velcro was an appropriate closure for these shoes. Sorry I didn't send them back immediately.

Utah mountains


So comfortable!


These are SOOOOO comfortable! Not only do they feel good when walking, but I don't want to take them off even after I get home. I wore them every day all day long since day one of receiving them. I usually wear 7.5/8 and the Smalls are perfect. I was intrigued by naming the shoe after the japanese style furoshiki, however, in the case of these boots, that name is misleading. These boots are not designed elegantly to stay put with no mechanical devices, the way furoshiki wrappings work. On the contrary, the boot is totally held together with velcro. There is SO much velcro. Up the entire length of the boot. Not sure why a zipper couldn't do the same job. It's pretty noisy and nasty putting them on and taking them off, not like the elegant wrapping of a japanese furoshiki! What's more, if you don't get it just right, the velcro shows, and detracts from the look. That was a true disappointment, however, the boots are super comfortable, and I still love wearing them.

Los Angeles, CA


Dream come true!


First off - Thank you Vibram! I began the journey of realigning my gait and rebuilding my feet and legs with Vibram about 5 years ago with their Vibram five fingers and THIS is what I've been dreaming about! Every fall and winter since I started, I've been longing for a cute boot to wear with leggings, denim, skirts, or dresses (a staple wardrobe boot) but still maintain an effortless and unaltered gait. This is the boot!! Secondly, I love the construction and the sole; I was nervous to buy it! I won't lie. But they've created such a great product that I would and could run in these - I love the freedom! Third - the sizing is spot on. I'm a women's size 8 - always have been, but I took their suggestion of sizing up for adding in a cozy sock, so I ordered the medium. There was just too much room in the toe. I requested an exchange and promptly received my size small once they received my medium boot, and they are outstanding! It will be a bit more snug width-wise when I add a thicker sock, but I cannot stand extra boot in front of my toe, so I'll happily deal with a snug fit because of the sock. Five stars!! I've already told my roommate about them and she's already purchased a pair!!



Furoshiki Shearling Boot High

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