Furoshiki Neoprene Boot High


Furoshiki Neoprene Boot High

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Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do!

New from Vibram. Now in Winter Neoprene boots.

Our latest and greatest innovation in alternative footwear! Take it Everywhere ... for everywhere you go and everything you do, there's Furoshiki!.

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Sale! $160.00 $80.00

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Our latest addition to the Furoshiki Collection! Our Neoprene boots provide added comfort and warmth to the wrapping sole concept, offering a luxurious, snug fit for hanging out around the home or traveling out and about!

Embossed textile

Neoprene water repellent

Megagrip rubber compound

Glow in the dark


I wanted to love these boots


I've been searching for barefoot, minimalist winter boots for months. I was hesitant about ordering these based on the mixed reviews, but my current winter boots got a hole in them and I decided to take a chance on these. Unfortunately, they are not what I wanted them to be. They are not waterproof, nor would I call them water resistant. Water easily soaks in though the sides. After just a month of wearing them, they have a musty smell. If I hadn't spent so much money on them, I would have given them away by now. The first time I wore them in the snow, I had to turn around and go home because the Velcro kept coming undone from snow buildup. They do not keep my feet warm at all. And because of water soaking through (see above paragraph), then your feet are cold and wet. The Velcro also collects a lot of dog hair. I've had to keep wearing my winter boots with the hole instead of these boots. That should tell you a lot right there that a boot with an actual hole in it is preferable to a new pair of these boots.

Norfolk, CT

I love these boots


I was on this site replacing my Husband's five finger Vibrams and noticed these boots. I had never worn Vibram shoes before. I literally get compliments on them all of the time from various ages from 16 to 70 on the unique and sleek look. They are super light weight and keep my feet warm in winter weather. Today, it is -1 degree and my feet are comfortable outside. I wear them with or without socks. My calves are wide but surprisingly the boots glide on with ease. I don't even undue the velcro on the calves, only the sole. I wear a size 9M women's and ordered the Medium boot, perfect fit. I work in an office setting and the boots look nice with my business casual clothes. The first few days I had to wear mole skin on my heels until my foot adjusted to the boot sole. I have no problem with the heel rubbing now. My clunky shearling boots got tossed to the side.

Dayton, OH


Ideal for snow walking


Ok. I hope my review gets picked to display and vibrant designers and engineers are listening to this. If you wanna know whether or not these are good boots, you must test them out by walking far in the snow. They are in fact designed for it. I tested walking in the snow for 20 minutes in Michigan winter weather. Overall they did a really good job making it water resistant and the material doesn't not collect much snow in general; snow slides right off them. The places that collect snow is the little Velcros on the sides of the heels and the gaps midfoot on the sides, which I took a picture of and you can see where the snow is and melted into water. It's not major. But need improvement. I also ran a bit in the snow, for maybe 5 minutes, one of the straps came undone. I think the reason is that the straps don't always hold tight enough with ankle movement in running. But also because the little Velcro taps collect snow and it melts and freeze on the Velcro. Another big thing that I look at is warmth. Warmth is good general except for the toes. Perhaps there is a way to designed with leather for that part to keep it warmer? I don't know. It wasn't freezing cold but if I had to travel longer I don't know if it will be warm enough for my toes. for size, my feet's are 10-10.5 so I got he large one. It fits. If I wear thin socks it's a little loose and the gaps on the sides are larger and i have to wrap tighter. If I wear thick socks for long travel, they fit good and a nice tight. One obviously Important feature is how light they are, which minimize exhaustion and allows you to travel further. Walking in snow will both be less stressful on joints and warmer because of the softness of the snow and the fact that snow can insulate. I could put 4 stars for flaws but just for how generally it is still super awesome and designer and engineers for the shoes are so inovative they get 5 stars. But for the next generation I would hold a higher standards against them.

Detroit Michigan


Quality is a real problem- buyer beware


I actually LOVE these boots. I feel like a winter ninja when I wear them (if only they would incorporate the tabi design into these Japanese inspired boots). However, as others have said, the construction is suspect. The color-changing velcro tabs are a cool Easter egg feature, however the tabs started losing their stitching immediately, I am on the second winter wearing them and they probably will not make it through this one. They also seem very stretch out compared to last year- they are not as tight as used to be and slip down. The traction is pretty awful for walking in Boston- so you'll need spikes, but the ground feel is so good. Honestly, even with all the drawbacks I think I would buy them again, just know what you are getting yourself into. I consider it a barefoot shoe with a water- resistant attached gaiter, and I think you should too.

Boston, Massachusetts


LOVE them! BUT FYI They run big! So order one size below


These boots are exactly what I was hoping for, super comfortable, light weight and can be dressed up or down. BUT be carful, I was told by the Vibram support staff to order a Medium because I'm an 8 (or 8.5 spending on how the shoes are made), even though I had this feeling that I should order the small. BUT I listened to the Vibram support person and when the boots came the medium was too big, so I had to send them back (and had to pay for the shipping even though it was Vibram's mistake AND I had to wait another 10 days :-( ) but when the small came they fit like a glove, and I know this pair won't be my last, but I'll know from now on to order the small.

Santa Fe NM


Disappointed in the quality


I love how warm and comfortable they are and I always get compliments. But when they ask me where to get them I first point out how it's falling apart. And I've only worn the a few times. The first week the stitching from the Velcro fastening started to come undone. A week later the same thing happened to the second boot. Now I wear them sparingly as to not ruin them more.

Bronx, NY




Vibram, I love You!!!! You keep me with a DIFFERENT look. 💅 (I hate looking like everyone else) Over the past 4 years your shoes have fixed my corns! My toes are straight!!! I am no longer pigeon toed!! And my ankles are so much stronger. I no longer walk on my heels. I threw 🚽 All other shoes away...Well, (except my red chucks). I currently have 6 pairs of 5 toes & 2 of the Furoshiki boots I LOVE YOU!!! YOUVE CHANGED MY ANATOMY FOR THE BEST!! 😘 FYI: I am a massage therapist & a personal trainer in training @ NASM. Therefore, I know a thing or two when it comes to the skeletal/muscular structure. Yes the 5 toes did hurt when I first got them but I knew they were helping me via my training. I didn't ease my way into them. Once I put them on I was commited. (With lots of massages for my lower legs and feet) These shoes helped ME with posture all the way up the spine. This is my first time trying your FUROSHIKI brand. BUT ... I fell INLOVE 😍 AS SOON AS I PLACED THEM ON MY FEET!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! Yours For Life, Tia 😘

Dallas, TX

Not what I was looking for


I got these for walking in dewy long grass in the morning as my other option were the flattest Muck boots I could find. I took about 20 steps before my feet were soaked through. Can't return them because they look like I wore them, can't get some grass out of the Velcro.

Ashfield, MA


Best boot!


I love wearing either nothing or my VFF when the weather is nice. I hate when it gets cold and I have to wear bulky boots. When these came out I immediately jumped on them. The neoprene keeps my legs and feet so warm and comfy (but not TOO warm). They're easy to put on and so stylish! My co-workers call them my 'ninja' boots because of the wrap look. Everyone compliments me on them. I love wearing a boot without feeling like I have cement bricks stuck to my feet. The natural feel is amazing with these boots. After one winter the velcro is definitely looking used, but still going strong.




3.9 9