Furoshiki New Yorker Mid Boot powered by Vibram Arctic Grip - Men's


Furoshiki New Yorker Mid Boot powered by Vibram Arctic Grip - Men's

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Winter Vibram Furoshiki New Yorker - now with an ice advantage - featuring Vibram Arctic Grip. The most advanced cold weather gripping system from Vibram.

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Arctic Grip Sole

The most advanced cold weather gripping system from Vibram.


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Winter Vibram Furoshiki New Yorker - now with an ice advantage - featuring Vibram Arctic Grip. The most advanced cold weather gripping system from Vibram.

Inspired by New Yorkers in the winter season, who juggle an on the move work, life balance daily.  This footwear is designed to keep one warm on cold and wet roads while maintaining a clean look and feel aimed at practicality.


This product will not prevent slipping on cold, slick, wet, icy, or snowy surfaces. Always tread with care. This product does not replace use of crampons or spikes. This product is not intended for use on, and may harm, indoor surfaces.


This product is sized similarly to our FiveFingers Product. Please refer to that size chart for proper sizing! Thank you. 

Excellent Comfort and Function - Ice Grip


Love these new Ice Grip boots. The salesman on Newbury St offered them to me. At first, I was hesitant. I have sensitive feet and need a wide shoe. The furoshikis are the most comfortable "boot" I have ever worn. A month ago my wife and I walked 3 miles in them on a trail with some icy spots with no problem. They really helped me out during the ice storm of 02/07/2018. My driveway has a 30 degree pitch and I had to get my trash out while the sleet was coming down. I took my time, but found the trash barrel slid and I did not. The next day my driveway was a sheet of ice. I had no problem walking up and down to put down the ice melt. I even helped my neighbor with her driveway and again, was very cautious, but only felt one slip. These boots are now extremely important to me. I am 65 years old and have fallen and slid down my driveway several times over the years. Thanks Vibram.

Milford, MA


New Vibram Furoshiki w/ Arctic Grip is Awesome!


I've been wearing FiveFingers for the last 7 years and love the whole minimalist footwear idea. I tried the original Furoshiki (low-cut) as well as the Winter Furoshiki (without Arctic Grip) and didn't care for the fit. The new styles, however, are amazing! The new 2018 models for both the low-cut Furoshiki and the new winter Furoshiki with Arctic Grip are built on different molds/sizing structure. Definite improvement!

Boston, MA


My collection keeps growing, as they keep getting better


The Vibram Furoshiki have come a long way in a few years. I wear anywhere between a Men's US12-US13 depending on the brand and shoe. I've had 2016/2017 Originals (in XXL), and I now have added the Russian Felt (XXL), Eastern Traveler (XXL), and New Yorker with Arctic Grip (EU46) to my ever-growing collection. I really like my Russian Felts and Eastern Travelers for indoor use and I can get away with wearing them in my office. However, the New Yorker with Arctic Grip is phenomenal! They fit really nicely on my feet and they work great on icy days. The neoprene exterior is water resistant, so they are fine for drizzly weather or a shallow puddle, but wouldn't recommend as a primary winter boot as they aren't fully waterproof (they are a wrapping shoe after all). The Arctic Grip outsole is a convenient alternative to metal spikes and crampons. It's not a solve-all and doesn't replace crampons but I don't know how many times my friends have slipped and fell in icy patches when I've been completely fine and walked right over the same spot. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by these and already bought a couple pairs for my parents! I can't wait to see what Vibram has in store for the Furoshiki's future!

Medford, NJ


Don't fit and return shipping is huge


I ordered the Laplands for me and New Yorkers for my son (who can only use one hand/arm, so these are great for him). I am a size 8 W and he is a size 10.5-11 M. I ordered 43 (9-10)L and 44(10.5-11.5)XL for him and a S (7-8) and M (8.5-9.5) for myself to be sure we'd get a good fit. Short story: none of them fit. The smaller size is too small and the larger size is too large. There is no actual size 8W or 10.5 M. The result: it cost $30 in shipping charges to send 4 pairs of boots back to Massachusetts, and Vibram won't help. I loved the boots; it's a horrible shame and kinda dumb, Vibram, to have chosen to clump 2 or more sizes together. I feel duped. Maybe it would help if they would tell us what size these boots actually are? If they did that, I would recommend these, they seem like great boots.




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