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An elegant, form-fitting design, the Vi-S is one part graceful fashion sandal, one part hard-working KSO EVO. read more


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Additional Information


New for 2016! An elegant, form-fitting design, the Vi-S is one part graceful fashion sandal, one part hard-working KSO EVO. A flexible yet high-traction sole makes the demands of everyday life feel effortless. Delicate lace fabric adds a sensual touch that is deceivingly tough, like you!

  • WEIGHT: Women's size 38 = 3.17 oz.
  • SOLE SPEC: Insole = 2 MM EVA + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner. Midsole = N/A. Rubber = 3.5 MM thickness
  • UPPER MATERIAL: Polyester
  • Machine Wash Cold, Air Dry

Well, after having these for 2 weeks I'm EDITING my review


I ordered a size smaller than my KSO after reading a ton of reviews saying how they run large.... So I ordered a 41 instead of a 42.... I wear a woman's 10. Well after wearing them approximately 5 times ( 2 times they got wet) they are now SO LARGE my feet feel out.... I guess getting them wet made them grow/stretch .... I now have OVER A 1/2" GAP from end of my toes to the end of the toe pockets. I'm so heart broken these WERE my favorite shoes.... I really want them to fit... I planned to order 3 more pairs. ..... Now I'm worried.


These are my new FAVORITE SHOES


OMG I love these, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I have worn them everyday since I got them and I actually HATE to take them off. I have worn them around the yard ( I live out in the country) I have worn them to the park, the splash pad, shopping and even on long walks with my kids and for the first time in years my feet/ankles/knees/ hips DON'T HURT. And when I take them off I can see my toes are better aligned, and my foot sits better on the ground. Not all scrunched. The tendons feel more relaxed and so much better... My feet feel like they have been stretched and everything has been released.. And I don't have pain anymore .... Even today I did a mile+ trek with my 40 pound toddler on my back and my daughter walking with me... We went up hill and down hill over gravel and paved road and my feet felt AMAZING.. And no joint pain.... My grandma always said " shoes are the most important thing you'll ever buy, take care of your feet, they will take care of you" well I can say with absolute certainty she would. Have LOVED these. I would buy them in every single color Vibram offers.


Very disappointed


Was so excited to get these but when I took the grey ones out of the box they did not look like they did on the website. The white design was more of a gray color and was not visible at all. So not nearly as pretty as they looked online. Also, taking them out of the box the strap fastener literally fell off! They need better hardware!

Portland, Oregon

Best Barefoot Shoes


Absolutely love these. People rarely notice that these are barefoot shoes. They look great, feel perfect, and have a nice grippy sole.




Absolutely Fabulous customer service, above and beyond service for a small glitch. Fit comfort and looks are all supreme, can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can go walking, kayaking and working in the garden.I put it feels a half size to big because my feet are not swelling now and I am positive when they do these will fit perfect.



Absolutely in LOVE with this shoe


I use the Vi-S to run and i personally think this is the best barefoot run shoe i have tried many from the furoshiki to the merrell pace glove and i personally love this shoe in every way i feel it is very light i use it daily and it makes running alot more enjoyable due to the tighter grip it has on your foot i train about 3 hours daily and thanks to the Vi-S i not only run fashionably but comfortably

Atlanta, Ga


Perfect strappy sandle, once I figured out the sizing!


I first ordered these in a 39 (up one size from my usual Vibrams). They were HUGE! I next ordered my regular size of a 38. When I first put them on, they were comfy on the toes but I have narrow heels and there was a lot of gapping at back and sides. I could tighten the straps to hold heel on but if I walked they still felt floppy and like they would rub my heel over time. So...went down a size to 37. When I first put them on they felt a bit "short" - especially in black - but with some more wear and walking around house they turned into snug but comfortable as the heel softened a bit and the toes relaxed. I find the ankle strap unecessary and a bit annoying so I may cut it off. The Vi-S's stay on my feet just fine with the foot strap and the snug fit. Like gloves for my feet :) These are really cute, and great form fitting "sandals" for those of us who like our VFFs but also want more "elegant" options. Comfort wise, for casual wear, I prefer my Vi-Bs or Altiza Loops but I find these much prettier and a few people have not even realized they were "toe shoes" until they got up close. I have them in Black, Nightshade, and the Beige.



My favorite shoes ever.


I have all the colors and I really want a pair of Vi-s in red, please Vibram make it happen. This shoes are stylish and really comfortable. Since I got my first pair I felt in love with them and 2 weeks after I got my first Vi-s I ordered the other 3 pairs; So now I have all the colors and I need a pair of red ones.

Breckenridge, CO


Perfect summer shoe


I got these for summer and love them. Had to order one size down for a perfect fit.

Lafayette CO


Size down


Finally, after two tries I have the right size, and it was worth the wait. Customer service is exceptional! I was going by the sizing chart which did not work for the shape of my feet for this style. Because the back of the shoe bends back so freely it doesn't put pressure on the back of my heel, I possibly could go one more size down and still be comfortable. They feel so girly, (a good thing), too bad we are just going into winter, so far been wearing inside to keep my feet warm as the floors are a little chilly. They are so comfy, I know I will be wearing these a lot. I wear vff's for almost everything.

Beautiful British Columbia



4.2 23