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The KMD EVO defies gravity (and conventional wisdom), allowing athletes extraordinary freedom for dynamic movement both in the air and on the ground. read more


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Sale! $160.00 $96.00

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XS Trek

  • Optimal balance of traction and durability
  • Responsive on unpredictable terrain
  • Engineered for stability and comfort

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The KMD EVO defies gravity (and conventional wisdom), allowing athletes extraordinary freedom for dynamic movement both in the air and on the ground. For fitness fanatics without boundaries, the KMD EVO transcends traditional sport, making it the ideal climbing , leaping ,and balancing shoe for those seeking a minimal shoe experience with maximum flight potential.

  • Weight: M43=7.4 oz. W38=5.64 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 2 mm EVA+Anti Microbial Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: 6mm EVA • Rubber: 3mm
  • Upper Material: 100% Low Elastic Polyester Filament
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Not the original!


I have 7 pair of Vibrams. These are nothing like the original barefoot Vibrams. Over the years, things have changed for the worse. This pair, along with my last pair, are stiff and the toe proportions are way off. For me, I've always been a size 39. I still ordered a 39, but the big toe is snug and the rest of the toe beds have a lot of extra room. My husband commented that they look nothing like Vibrams due to the thick arch, which is not visible in online photos. I am very disappointed! I stuck by Vibrams during their class action lawsuit and now their product quality has gone down. I hope I can find something on their site to exchange these shoes for. I hope they return to their original shoe making format. Otherwise, I think I've bought my last pair.


KMD EVO..the best ones...


got these t2o years ago and stopped wearing anything else...these are fantastic!...bought two new pairs of vibram,..nothing compares to these..the quality of the v-run is not even close ..;o( wish they put them back to the market... vibram,..can you?..


Disappointed by thick, rigid sole


I've been wearing VFFs since 2011 and these are the first model I've bought that I don't care for. This model is a huge deviation from the KMD Sports, which are glovelike and unrestricting. The sole on the KMD EVOs feels very high and have a rigid shank (which is not mentioned in the product description) that runs through the arch which makes them feel very sneaker-like in the worst possible way. I'm not looking for a inflexible shoe when I purchase Vibrams, these feel like I'm wearing an orthopedic arch insert. There's also something off about the stiffness of the heel that rolls your foot forward, like a running sneaker. I suspect the soles aren't zero drop and that the heels are lifted, but there's no technical specifications listed. I wish I could return these but I can't because they're being discontinued. I'm only writing this review so that people who aren't interested in stiff soled shoes don't buy these and end up in my situation.

Birmingham, Alabama

Fantastic one!!!!


i adore these..and wish vibram continues with this exact feet are long and narrow, so i didnt have any problems at all,..wearing size 41, but have these 42..perfect.. hiked some of the trails in new zealand in them...

maui, HI


So Happy!


Bought my first pair of minimalist footwear & I will never be without another pair, EVER! The gentle way these puppies re-align my toes feels absolutely amazing. I also appreciate that I'm walking better/smoother, not pounding down on my feet as much. Should've went 1 size smaller though because there is a slight stretching that occurs over time. Will know for my next pair.

Seattle, WA


Saved my crooked toes!


I have had this pair of EVO's for nearly two years. Throw them in the washer, part dry in dryer then air dry and they look like brand new. I wear them every single day. I have very high arches & narrow feet and they fit very well. The BEST part is that I have curving and crooked toes and these shoes put my toes in "casts" so that my toes have no choice but to be straighter and any pain I have is nearly completely elimated.

Des Moines, Iowa


THE most comfortable and versatile pair of shoes!


Quite possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever bought! The padding on each toe gives just the right amount of individual cushion combined with give and springiness/responsiveness at the arches to shape and conform to your foot without being restrictive. I can do physical therapy toe curls in these shoes but couldn't with regular shoes. Has completely changed my gait and have stronger hips. I wear them around the house, to workout at the gym or box, and for work. The top is breathable and comfy.

San Francisco, CA


Perfect balance


The KMD EVO has a barefoot feel with just the right amount of cushioning and responsiveness. The woven uppers are extremely comfortable and add to the soft but supportive barefoot experience.

Palo Alto, CA



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