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Featuring a soft, perforated upper to maximize breathability, this model is very comfortable. read more


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  • Vibram® VI-LITE features the ultimate in lightweight, shock absorption cushioning, for maximum energy conservation.
  • Vibram® XS RUN provides a maximal stable hardness across a broad temperature range and the softness of the compound allows for expansive ground contact adn grip across lug surfaces.  XS RUN also provides high grip on smooth surfaces.
  • Vibram MONT® compound formulation is optimized for mountaineering, treking, acrobatic, works and motorbike racing.  MONT is used to conquer the highest peaks in the world by offering the highest reliability on the most difficult terrain at low temperatures.



  • Ultimate in lightness
  • Optimum balance of lightness and durability
  • Ideal for working on your feet & long walks in the park


  • Tested on the world’s highest peaks
  • Maintains performance at extremely low temperatures
  • Firmer compound for maximum support and durability

XS Run

Additional Information


Featuring a soft, perforated upper to maximize breathability, this model is very comfortable. This is an ideal running shoe for those making the transition from traditional footwear to a more minimalist approach. The thin sole construction lets you feel your run, connecting you to the true barefoot running experience.

  • Product runs slightly large. Please size down 1 size from your actual VFF size!
  • Weight: M43 = 4.8 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • INSOLE: 2mm EVA + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • MIDSOLE: 4mm EVA • RUBBER: 2.5mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester Lycra Stretch Mesh + Polyester Microfiber
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wach Cold / Air Dry

Best general-purpose running Vibram yet!


I just realized that as of this month I will have been running in Vibram Five Fingers for a decade -- I guess time flies when you are enjoying your run! I've loved many of the OG Five Fingers models over the years, but the V-Run is the best overall running shoe yet. I'll still turn to my other models for trails and cold, but I've put several runs on these already and love the way that Vibram has dialed in all the little details, like the lock down on the laces, and the placement of the vents and reflectivity, all the way down to the right placement of the treads on the pinky toe. And of course, like all my Vibrams, I appreciate my feet never cramp or go numb on the run -- whereas with most standard shoes I'm having to adjust every mile after mile 3. Personally, I also love the acid yellow colorway that I chose for visibility. Keep 'em coming like this Vibram! Thanks!


Agreed: Runs Long but Narrow, Not Large


I ordered both 39 (EU)/ 8-8.5 (US) and 40(EU)/8.5-9. First was to narrow even without socks, second was too large more than 50% of toe pockets seemed to be empty. I'm new to toe shoes, I have the trek Ascent insulated (40(EU)/8.5-9(US)) and Alitz Loop (39(EU)/7(US)). Both fit well, and I love them. However, I was looking for a nice running shoe, to get back into running as an oversized woman. But these didn't fit at all, can't think of being able to run with these. :(


Best style I have worn.


Love these Vibrams best of all, I have them in every color, they feel like butter when I put them on, so comfortable, I have many of the different styles and enjoy them but these in my opinion are in a class of their own. Size wise these are more true to size, most Vibrams the five fingers I have to get the next size up, but not these. I am a size 7 and in these I buy a 37 which is what they recommend, I originally bought the 38 and they were way to big. When they get wet they do make your feel smell so I use sneaker balls and this works to eliminate the odor. I had an issue with my right foot after brain surgery numbness, etc and I started wearing these, it has made such a difference in my life, i have a hard time wearing sneakers now after wearing these, they are so comfortable and very healthy for your feet. It takes time to get used to them, first I wore them around the house, then walked around in them, then the gym, now I wear them everywhere, and it is amazing the conversations I get from people about them, they look adorable in my opinion and make your feet look a lot smaller then they are. It did take a bit of time buying and returning to get the right sizes in the different styles, to find what I liked but it was well worth it, they will work with you on this also. Good luck I hope you have the success story I have had with these.

Liverpool. NY


They cause pain


These shoes are markedly different from the Komodos I had for the last 5 years. My old Komodos have seamless footbed insoles. This is not the case for V-runs. The V-run insoles have stitching across the bottom of each toe pocket and thick stitching on the dorsomedial aspect of the pinky toes. The poorly placed stitching has caused a blister on one of my toes, and the thick stitching on the right pinky toe makes it feel like my pinky toe nail is being ripped off with every step. I've only worn the shoes twice and have put 7 miles on them. The poor construction was not obvious until after I took them out for a run, thus voiding the return warranty. I cut to size and placed pedi-pads on the troublesome toe pockets, and I used four layers of gaffer's tape on the thick pinky toe stitching, so I can continue to use these $130 shoes. If these fixes fail, these shoes will end up in the trash and my money down the drain. It's a disappointment that Vibram doesn't recognize the flawed construction and offer options to compensate unsatisfied customers.


Painful blisters due to seams in toe pockets


These shoes are have seams in the insole that make it feel like you are running on gravel. I had a pair of Komodos that were comfortable, and I had zero problems with them. I had them for 5 years and didn't want to give them up for fear that the new designs would be sub-par. Sure enough, the new designs they have are sub-par to any running shoe. The insoles of my old Komodos go down to the very tip of the shoes and are seamless. The insoles of the V-Run have seams in each toe pocket. I didn't appreciate how horrible this design was until after I had removed the tag and taken them out on a run. The seams dig into the tip of one of my toes and have caused a blister. This is not a size issue. I purchased size 40 and exchanged them for 41 because they were too small. I think size 42 would be too big. They are no longer pristine, so I can't return them. I currently have six layers of gaffer's tape over the seam to try to rectify the problem. I paid $130 for shoes that cause me pain and that require tape to fix. I wish Vibram stood behind their products.


Agreed: Footbed is narrow and long, otherwise great shoe


If you fit Nike runners well, these will probably work for you. (I have short wide feet, so I don't wear Nike!) I ordered one size down as instructed, and the footbed is a bit long bit of room in the toe pockets) and the uppers are REALLY tight width wise around the foot. Now, most Vibrams feel REALLY tight at first until they settle in, so I'm giving these a breaking in period because I DO love that the sole really is a good compromise between a traditional runner and a barefoot shoe. Long running workouts on concrete or old gym floors with windsprints were a bit too intense on the other models, so I got these. They have just that little extra bit of structure and cushion while keeping everything we love about a barefoot shoe. So I really hope the uppers will relax enough to be comfortable for a good workout. My favorite Five Fingers were all super tight at first or dug in someplace and made me think "I can't possibly wear these" but now they're all amazing, so I have faith! Recommend Vibram produce another run of these, but in a wide option as well. I would buy several.

Edmonton, AB


Runs Long but Narrow, Not Large


These are longer but thinner than my other Vibrams and so I can't get a good fit, especially with socks. Based on the reviews, and the advice of the Vibram website that these shoes run large, I ordered one size down from my usual Vibrams (for comparison, I am a size 8 womens and I have a size 39 in the KSO and trail shoes from last year. I ordered a size 38 in these). However, when I tried to pull them on barefoot, they were difficult as they are tight around the foot. The lacing digs into the arch a little, even though I have low arches, as the laces are too short to loosen enough. Once on, the length felt okay without socks but, once I put socks on as I prefer, they are so short that they are cutting into my heel. I thus assumed the sizing advice wasn't meant for those who want to wear socks and thus ordered one size up--my usual Vibram size. These pulled on much more easily, without having to spend a lot of time getting the laces as loose as possible first. However, the toes are so long that I feel like my toes are only half inside them. Even with socks, my little toe isn't even in the space for it and, if I curl my toes, my big toe pulls out of the space for it too. It feels sloppy, not "barefoot". With socks, the shoe still feels uncomfortably tight around the foot. So, it's not that these "run large"--they run long and so narrow that socks aren't comfortable.

Tucson, AZ


These are great for road or trail.


These are now my favorite shoe for road or trail. If I try to wear "normal" running shoes, they hurt my knees! I also wear slip on Vibrams all day, so I didn't have to train to wear them running. Took theseveral on a 5 mile technical trail and they got a little sand in the back, but otherwise were perfect.

Atlanta, GA


Favorite shoe ever


These are my favorite shoe. I love just wearing it out for a bit. These run a little big - my usual 38 size I sometimes feel like I'm swimming. I really only notice it because I get crazy blisters every time I run in them. Next pair I'll size down. Unfortunately they're crazy pricey. I got these when they went 50% around the end of the year, and I'll do the same thing then. Next time I'll go for a 37! I love feeling like I have nothing on my feet when I run or even just walking around.



Fabulous shoes!


I love the VRuns! I've been wearing Vibrams for over 6 years now and this hands down is the most comfortable pair I've had. They are great for walking where there are rocks. A bit to much shoe for water but great on the trails!

West Virginia



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