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Spyridon MR

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A technically – designed off-road shoe, the Spyridon MR is an ideal minimalist shoe for mud runs. read more


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Sale! $120.00 $72.00

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Vibram® MegaGrip offers excellent grip properties on both dry and wet terrain while maintaining a high level of durability. Developed for the user who frequently encounters slippery surfaces, MEGAGRIP offers and incomparable combination of grip and durability. (SPACE) 3D Cocoon is a material unique to Vibram® which is embedded in the outsole. It is a thin, flexible mesh tht disperses ground pressure by distributing impact equally across the sole. It is flexible but protective enough to traverse safely over uneven ground, allowing the end user to experience ground feedback with less bite.



  • Unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior grip with rugged longevity
  • Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation

Additional Information


A technically – designed off-road shoe, the Spyridon MR is an ideal minimalist shoe for mud runs. Vibram 3D Cocoon technology molded into the sole provides a lightweight protection and megagrip sole provides superior grip in all directions.

  • M43= 7.4 oz. W38 = 5.6 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 2 mm Polyurethane + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: N/A • Rubber: 5 mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry
Fitting Tips



My first pair of vibram were completely leather. These are not comfortable and the material in the inside bends and aggravate my hill.



Can't live without 'em


I can't live without toe shoes. First, of course, they feel great. I feel alive again, adventuresome, like a kid, with these on my feet. Rocks and other sharp things almost never bother me, but then my feet are pretty tough even barefoot. My balance is vastly improved over hiking boots or even running shoes. For instance, on daily dog runs in the woods, I have to cross a wide creek on two old downed trees that are narrow and very slippery. In hiking boots, I can barely do it, and feel about to fall in every step. In toe shoes, I scamper across like a squirrel; the soles conform to the rounded wood and I am in communication with the log surface. I feel in control of my body instead of at the mercy of outside forces. Hiking boots feel like wearing cement blocks; no feeling, minimal balance. But the truly miraculous thing about toe shoes is how they immediately and completely eradicate a foot problem I've had for at least 20 years that I attribute to a circulation issue. In other shoes, my feet ache so badly coming down from a hike I'm surprised I've kept hiking. No doctor has been remotely helpful about it or even understood. I think it is buildup of fluid. In toe shoes, your sole flexes and you scrunch your toes at each step, pumping fluid back up out of your feet. Anyway, the problem NEVER occurs in toe shoes, it always occurs in regular shoes, and it goes away instantly if I switch. Like everyone else, though, I wish Vibram would find ways to make these shoes more durable. They cost way too much to fall apart as fast as they do. I have the problem of the cloth wearing out between the toes that someone else described, too. I plug holes with Shoe Goo and paste material here and there, but it's not too satisfactory. The other problem is the toes catch on things, especially the little toe, which sticks/splays out too much for me. I don't think the sole needs to come up so high around the toes, and they don't need to force a splay, but rather should just allow it.

Puyallup, WA


I am going to buy this product again!!!!


I was shopping downtown Chicago six years ago and ran into the store that sold the Vibram shoes. I fell in love with them as soon as I tried them on. I am kind of upset because they did not have my size (12). I was very fortunate to find some shoes that were PRETTY enough. I purchased two pair and had them ever since. Now, I am searching online and the women shoes are sooooooo gorgeous. I think they stop at 11 or 42. I think I need a 44. I will continue to search until I find some women Vibram finger shoes. Until then, I will keep wearing my 6 year plus finger shoes.

Evanston, IL

love the shoe needs to be more duable


I love these shoes, I like the barefoot feel and what it does for my feet and running, but the durability of these shoes have gone down over the years which is sad, they used to last me a while now they tear before the year is up



My dog chewed them


these are the best running shoes ive ever had. my dog chewed them and since I have been using my nike running shoes. oh my god my legs and feet hurt so bad. these shoes are amazing and make a huge difference pain and running wise. I have to get more.

tucson az


Saving grace


I recently started wearing VFF out of despair. I am a middle-aged woman, have pre-existing back issues, and I was in excruciating pain all the time: back pain, leg pain, foot pain....every day. I literally couldn't walk for more than an hour without having to sit down or give up altogether. After wearing VFF for three months, the pain has been reduced by between 60-80%. I can walk for between three and four hours now without significant issues. I am in debt to the barefoot running/walking movement and to VFF. My first VFFs were Seeyas. I was sad to see that they had been discontinued. They work great for me in every way. I hope that Vibram brings them back some day soon. I just purchased four other styles, including Spyridon, and the feel is less minimalist than with my Seeya pair, but they look solid and stylish, are comfortable, and a bit warmer than the Seeyas, which is great for walking and hiking with the dog on cool spring and fall days. Very happy with these. Thanks, Vibram.

Greenbelt, MD




I bought these for my hiking/swimming honeymoon trip this summer and they came yesterday after being at school and work all day on my feet at my serving job. I put them on, stood up, and the pain in my feet was instantly GONE! IT was amazing! I was running around my house so happy that my feet didn't hurt. Never wearing another pair of shoes to work.

Boone, NC


Spyridon MR

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