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For adventures of the more casual kind, the CVT Wool is the perfect match of style and comfort meant for everyday exploration. read more


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  • Runs small! Go up a size!

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Sale! $110.00 $66.00

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  • Ultimate in lightness
  • Optimum balance of lightness and durability
  • Ideal for working on your feet & long walks in the park


  • Superior grip on icy surfaces and cold terrain
  • Engineered for low to very low temperatures
  • Rubber compound suitable for indoor/outdoor

Additional Information


For adventures of the more casual kind, the CVT Wool is the perfect match of style and comfort meant for everyday exploration. A 360-degree wool upper gives this style a cozy, casual look while the EVA outsole equipped with ICETREK rubber pods delivers a lightweight, comfortable grip.

  • Weight: M43=5.3 oz. W38= 5.0 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 2mm + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: 6.5mm EVA • Rubber: 3.5mm
  • Upper Material: Wool
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Bummed out


These were just awful, the reviews I read made me really excited to try these vibrams, I own many pairs and I am I size 40 usually. So I ordered a size 40, these shoes come up higher past your ankle than most vibrams do and they fit fine but unfortunately I have thick ankles and these really dig into my leg, the cut of the shoe is just unfortunate. If you have skinny legs this won't be an issue at all!

Los Angeles,CA


Black and brown are different


I have the brown (first) and black (2nd). The brown is way more stiff. I love both of them though. I do wish it had one more lace hole.



I wouldnt buy these again


I wear a 37. 37 was too small couldnt get them on and a HARD plastic piece buy my heels which hurt. I love toe shoes but hate these i was SO disappointed.



LOVE these shoes!


I have a pair of 5 fingers Classics and was looking for something warmer foor fall and wi get, so got a pair of these. Love them! After a short (1-2 Day) break-in period, they are just as comfortable as my classics. Due to the reviews, I was concerned about sizing, so ordered a size up, but my standard size (38) fit perfectly. Even with the wool socks, when I need them.

Lafayette CO




I wear these through spring and fall with socks. I walk in the wilderness everyday and sometimes have to walk in water and mud. Even if they get wet my feet don't get cold. I think the acid from the slough water is hard on them and they wear out after one season, but I love their versatility so much that I just keep replacing them.I also struggle with the pinky toe. I have worn every style of five fingers and I never had that problem before. Definitely size up.

Nelson BC


best all-purpose vibram


I regularly wore these since last fall. I was going to order two more pairs for this winter/fall since the part where my toes come together was so thin, and eventually has holes that I sewed for 1-2 more months of wear. I have been wearing vibrams for ten years and these are my favorite because they breath, don't smell bad, and feel/are natural fabric. What's more is that I regularly ran in them last fall, even tried to run in them on snow and although they are not waterproof, my feet were not cold. I could keep them on indoors and even sleep in them without discomfort. I dance as part of a living so keeping my feet strong and keeping my toes separated when I am not in heels is important for the health of my posture and feet. These shoes comfortably kept my toes separated without strangling them like some other models of thicker vibrams. I wear size 36 in regular vibrams but size 38 for me was perfect since these are thicker. I do agree with some other reviews, that Vibram really needs to stabilize their sizing. I know everyone's feet are different but after sizing up, these are a perfect fit for me. These shoes are the best barefoot shoes I have had so far. I would like to order new ones in black and brown when I have some extra money to spend.

Minneapolis, MN


Nice shoe, but Vibram's sizing issues need to be resolved.


I like these shoes. They were comfortable enough after some sizing trial and error (see below), and the style is such that that I could reasonably wear them in an office environment without drawing a lot of attention, and I could wear them in environments that require closed toed shoes but not safety toes. I hate shoes in general and usually don't wear them any longer than I have to, but I liked these enough that I sometimes wore them longer than absolutely necessary. HOWEVER: Let's talk about sizing tolerances. I ordered these in size 38, 39 (usually a good fit for me) and 40. I was unable to put on the 38; 39 was too small to comfortably to stand in; 40 was a bit too large, but with socks this was workable, so I surmised that this style ran small. I wore them nearly every day, for about 7 months. I expected this brand to wear out faster than normal shoes, and was unsurprised to find myself buying another pair this past week. I ordered them in a 40, and they are about 8mm longer than my previous pair, a size difference that makes the second pair unusable for me. This is the second time I've had this problem with a single style. I had thought there was just a labeling error before, but now I wonder if Vibram's sizing tolerances are absurdly large, or if a the time window was long enough that the 90th percentile for a size would change so dramatically. The size charts do not include an actual measurement to a known unit; "size 8 to 8.5" is so vague that I may as well just guess. Seeing as these are supposed to be form-fitting, minimalist shoes, I would recommend, as an engineer, that Vibram gets its act together on sizing metrics and tolerances, and provide better information for customers on how to get the right size the first time. I still intend to own a replacement pair of these shoes, once I figure out what size I should get, but if there ever comes a real competitor in the toed shoes market, then I would definitely lose my brand loyalty to Vibram.



So comfortable


These are amazing. They're so comfortable - once you break them in. They run a bit smaller. I usually get 38s and this is just a tiny bit tight on my right big toe. But it's less pressure the more I wear them. I wore these all winter and they kept my feet so warm (but not TOO warm). Everyone compliments them at work (or asks if I'm just wearing socks!). I love getting to wear non-bulky shoes in the winter now too!



Uncomfortable, won't break in


I am a massage therapist and have been working in Vibrams for years. These shoes are super cute but refuse to ever become comfortable. They run small and, as mentions before, the pinky toe slot has problems. It feels like a lot of extra material that needs to be trimmed away. I ordered these online, had I tried them on at a store first ther is no way I would have bought them.



Most talked about shoes I own


I wear these for work. Im an arborist. They are great in the trees or on the ground. Soles are strong and flexible. One of the best parts is people love them, the look and style, so do I.

Albuquerque, NM



3.7 11