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This casual minimalist shoe offers nature lovers a breathable, sustainable slip-on shoe with a true barefoot feel. read more


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Vibram® VI-LITE features the ultimate in lightweight, shock absorption cushioning, for maximum energy conservation. (SPACE) Vibram ® XS TREK is a technical compound that allows great overall performance qualities, in particular flexibility and wet traction. Highly responsive to the various demands of life, XS TREK will carry you from the trail to the urban playground and even to indoor activities, due to its non- marking features.



  • Ultimate in lightness
  • Optimum balance of lightness and durability
  • Ideal for working on your feet & long walks in the park

XS Trek

  • Optimal balance of traction and durability
  • Responsive on unpredictable terrain
  • Engineered for stability and comfort

Additional Information


This casual minimalist shoe offers nature lovers a breathable, sustainable slip-on shoe with a true barefoot feel. Made from a hemp / poly blend and designed to slip on as a shoe or fold back as a clog, the CVT Hemp is both durable and comfortable.

  • Weight: M43= 3.45 oz. W38=2.785 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 2mm EVA+Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: 6.5 mm EVA • Rubber: 3.5mm
  • Upper Material: Hemp / Poly Blend
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry
Fitting Tips

Really cute casual VFFs


I have these in both the "black" (which is a dark gray) and the khaki (which is more a sandy brown than I would expect for something called khaki but nice). They are really cute and flattering. They kind of remind me of my old Jaya LRs in terms of the ease of wear and casual vibe, but more refined and with a nicer sole (for feedback).

Alberta, Canada

Love them so much, I'm getting a second pair


I love these! They are perfect to wear casually or to the office. I wish vibram would make five fingers that are more professional. maybe some in leather. I constantly get asked about these, I feel like vibram's walking marketing department!

Bentonville, AR

My favorite pair of shoes


I solely wore these through my month long trip across Europe and absolutely love them. They will stretch but it takes a long time. I had walked over 10 miles a day every day for the first two weeks of my trip when they finally finished breaking in. This was my first pair ever but since then, I now own more and comparably, this pair weighs very little, which I love, and is still the comfiest shoe I own. I tried to buy a bigger size as recommended (I'm a 37 but bought a 38) but now wish I had bought my actual size. I didn't expect them to stretch as mush as they did, but luckily, the shoe is very forgiving. They're hard to miss and most people will notice them (since they'll confuse you for barefoot if you get the nude color) and comment on it (90% positive comments). [FYI Vibram you should probably try to do some marketing in Europe. Everyone seems to love 'em but have never seen them before.]

Los Angeles, CA


This model runs way smaller size


These are so comfortable and light. My favorite fivefingers. However; this model particular runs way smaller than other models. Especially pinky toe is too tight. I normally wear fivefinger size 39 but this model is the first one It's too small. Sizing chart on this website must have been wrong. I bought three pairs not really worrying about those won't fit... They are too small! I should have retunrd the first pair immediately instead of trying to stretch them out because they won't. These won't stretch so I wasted on the pairs. I wish they put the right sizing chart so I knew...

Honolulu, HI


so great!


I wear these for all activities. I especially love them for hiking and swimming in rough terrain. I wear them in the water and just hike home in them wet. I love the comfort of the non-elastized top - so easy to put on. They don't end up smelly like the synthetic ones do. Probably my favourites since the kangaroo leather ones. They also look more natural on the foot and don't immediately attract attention like any of the others that I've worn. I probably own 6 pairs just so that I've always got a fresh pair for town walking.

nelson bc


Love the look but.....


this is the third shoe I have tied to get because you do not get your money back. I purposely avoided any sale item because I have found them to be defective as to the reason they might be on sale. This size is off. The toe is a tad to short. I wish the sizing would be more consistent.

New Orleans, LA


The perfecct shoe


I love my Vibrams! This latest pair, the CVT-Hemp is so light. They're just great for walking, running and I play pickleball in them. They're just great.

Corona, CA.


These changed my life


I am absolutely in love with these hemp Vibrams. They fit my feet in a way and give me a sort of freedom to move that I've never experienced before! I have bought them as gifts and have both colors and practically live in them. And though I like other Vibrams, I find these, perhaps because of the hemp, to be form-fitting in a particularly amazing way.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Do not support


I've always loved Vibrams because they are so unique, and I prefer to be barefoot over anything. When I ordered these and there was a warning attached stating they contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm, I immediately decided never again. I understand I won't be ingesting these but after I'm done with them these chemicals are going back into our earth. Not happy at all, especially with there being no warning on the website about that.



Love love love


These Vibrams changed my life. I've tried others, and they're great, but these are so incredibly comfortable and form-fitting, and cute & eco-friendly to boot. I'm grabbing some extra pairs!

Washington, DC



4.0 10