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The signature FiveFingers water sport shoe, the signa is ultra – thin, flexible and lightweight. read more


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  • Incomparable grip on various water sports surfaces
  • Non-marking
  • Ideal for yachting and water sport applications

Additional Information


The signature FiveFingers water sport shoe, the signa is ultra – thin, flexible and lightweight. An ideal shoe for rowers, surfers, kayakers and SUP fanatics, the Signa provides grip and comfort out on the water and packs easily into a dry bag at the end of the day.

  • Weight M43= 3.88 oz. W38 = 3.17 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: N/A Polyester Mesh • Midsole: N/A • Rubber: 3mm
  • Upper Material: Stretch Polyester Mesh
  • Non-Marking
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry
Fitting Tips

Great Out Of The Box


I've been a long time VFF wearer - other models. I just received these (my first pair of Signas) today, and out of the box, they look and feel great. I know VFF have had some persistent quality and durability issues, so I'll just have to see how these hold up. Be aware, when I got sized at REI for VFFs, the tool they use said I should be a 42. However, when I tried a pair of the V-Trails on in store, the 42s were way too tight and short. Soooo, when I ordered these directly from Vibram, I went with a 43 and they are just about right. I actually probably could have gone up to a 44. For reference, I usually wear at 10 or 10.5 normal street shoe.



This company is unreal


Closeout pricing at 50% off, then all of a sudden 30% off when you go to buy. Been a while since I had my five fingers so I went to try them out again. Still the same shady company. No thanks.

Sacramento, CA

I like them so much one pair was not enough!


I received these three days prior this review. They are my fifth pair of Vibram Five Fingers and I have exclusively worn Five Fingers for one year now. I also own Spyridon MR and Spyridon MR Elite, KSO Evo, and V-Run. I ordered a second pair of Signa's (these shoes) today. So far they are among my favorites. I may consider the KSO Evo's to still be my favorite pair these are quite close. My goals are to be as barefoot as possible in a world that requires "shoes". My issues with all of my other pairs is that I cannot wear them wet. They get wet easily and if sufficiently wet must be taken off and dried out. The sole on the bottom is in two pieces, the heel is one piece and the forefoot and toes are another. The arch area is a "mesh" materiel that even light will pass through. This mesh has two thicker sections like straps for strength. There are holes throughout the sole to let moisture out. Walking in these feels amazing. They are comfortable and foot hugging. I love the air flow around me feet. I enjoy the minimal padding in the sole. There are some cons. The construction seems more fragile than others and it's longevity is in question. The "straps" along the arch dig into my arch and cause pain in one spot. This happens when bending or stretching my foot. I have a feeling that either my foot or the shoe will break in in time. Putting them on the first time was difficult and compared to my other shoes they are generally difficult to put on. Only the Spyridon MR Elite is harder. If you get cold feet then you can expect extra cold feet. They are fixed to the foot with a small velcro strap ... They don't threaten to leave my feet but I can see how these would come off much easier than my others. They are tight so if you have unusually high arches or wide feet then consider a larger size.

Fresno, CA


Great Shoe but a bit narrow, maybe?


Bought this shoe because I am at the pool often and I noticed when they get wet they hug my feet more. I sometimes think I should have bought a larger size. It will be interesting to see how they would react in sand since sand tends to make your foot slide inside your shoes. I destroyed a pair of my Vibram five fingers because I walked in the sand with them.



Tough amphibians


I've used these primarily when I hike to the launch points for my kayak (off beaches, concrete launches, lakeshores, etc.) and they are great. The most significant test was a hike across rugged mountain/valley terrain in Sapa Vietnam for 27 miles. They've for the most part stood up to the wear and tear. The only damage recently was the rear loop tore off when trying to slip on the signas which are a tight/snug fit. And the glue at the bottom appears to be losing its bond. Sand and debris for the most part (not 100%) stays out of the shoe and they drain very quickly. I've had them for several years now and I recommend them.



Great Boating or Pool Shoe, Not so much at the Beach


The Signa is definitely one of the more minimalist VFF shoe models. The range of motion if offers is superb, owing to its thin, flexible, two-piece sole. It has great grip on wet surfaces and drains exceptionally fast, thanks to it's porous design throughout. you can swim in these without feeling encumbered like you would with aqua socks or sandals. On the downside, the porous design is an open invitation to sand. Even if you're okay with sand being inside your shoes, it's hard to get out and often remains trapped or reappears in the sole bottoms, making them akin to sandpaper. This is not a welcome sight for boat decks. The Signa's predecessor, Flow (or even Surge) with the smooth, original sole design is a better all-around choice. Both do a better job of keeping sand out and have a sole design that won't trap sand in the treads, making them gel coat friendly. In the latter respect, the KSO even becomes a better choice since is also shares the original sole design. In addition, I feel that the Flow and KSO designs offer a more secure fit and are less prone to get blown off by rushing water. Bottom line: Signa's are great in the water, but not in combination with sand.



For Light Use Only


I used these for one season of sailboat racing on Lake Michigan. They were used only on the boat, and only during races. By the first month, the pads on the outsides of the balls of the feet had torn and needed to be glued back down. By the second month, the pads on both the big toes had torn clean off. By the third month, they were limping along with big tears and fresh glue everywhere. These are by far the stickiest boat shoes I've ever worn. They are light, comfortable, drain well, and are amazingly flexible. They would be fantastic for light watersports like SUP, surfing, daysailing, etc. But they are not built to stand up to abuse or non-skid coatings for racing.

Milwaukee, WI


Nothing I've ever experienced before!!


These shoes are by far one of the best quality shoes I've had my feet in, they feel great and have good grip on them. They feel like a wet suit when wet and fit like a glove on your feet. First time putting them on was a little tough but it is worth it don't give up on them if you can't get your toes into alignment, they're great shoes. I would buy these again and again!!

Miami Fl


I wear this product for three reasons: Traction Feel, Saftey


I surf and even though they don't keep my feet warm, I get a lot better feel for the board (like barefoot), but with much better traction. People look at my feet and smile. Another feature is when you have to travel over slippery, moss-covered rocks, these are life savers! I slipped and fell two years ago (I had regular surf booties on) and almost broke my neck! Now, I travel over these same slippery devils with great confidence. I'm surprised more people don't use them!

San Jose, CA


Signa - Men's

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