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The ideal combination of ground feedback and protection, the KSO EVO allows you to experience terrain with great grip and flexibility. read more


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Vibram ® XS TREK is a technical compound that allow sgreat overall performance qualities, in particular flexibility and wet traction. Highly responsive to the various demands of life, XS TREK will carry you from the trail to the urban playground and even to indoor activities, due to its non- marking features.


XS Trek

  • Optimal balance of traction and durability
  • Responsive on unpredictable terrain
  • Engineered for stability and comfort

Additional Information


The ideal combination of ground feedback and protection, the KSO EVO allows you to experience terrain with great grip and flexibility. Less than 5 millimeters, the thin sole encourages good form while remaining durable enough to absorb shock.

  • Weight: M43= 4.9 oz. W38= 3.5 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 2 mm EVA + Antimicrobial Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: N/A • Rubber: 3mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester Fabric
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry
Fitting Tips

Best footwear for being on the water


I bought these to be worn as non-marking soles for offshore fishing. They have not failed me yet. Very comfortable and breathable. Traction is great even in rough seas. Would definitely recommend!

North Carolina

The stitching in the front sole is too weak


This is my third set of vibrams. I was satisfied with the previous purchases. I worn them maybe 20 times and washed them once according to instructions. The stitching in the front came undone. I really enjoyed these shoes while they lasted. I would not recommend them until they fix the stitching in the front.


Great product


I love these shoes, I bought my first pair in 2013, and I just bought my second pair in 5/18. They are great for pretty much every activity you want to do. The only con I have is mine started to peal away, but what is superglue for.

Stevens Point WI

Needs wide foot sizing.


I have the Trek Ascent Insulated for the winter time and they're great! I was looking for a warm weather shoe to take their place once the Kentucky weather finally realizes that it's time to get warm again... Unfortunately, I can't find a size of these that fits the width of my foot and stays on at the heel. The only way I can get these to fit my width is to get a size that's way too long. That works fine with the Trek Ascent because they have laces that draw the back of the shoe tight to the back of my ankle. However, the design of this shoe prevents that from happening. It would be a keeper if they had wide sizing.

Lexington, KY


Love the foot-ground intimacy!


I walked about 10km around Tokyo today in them and my feet feel fantastic. I highly recommend a change to minimalist shoes, especially the VFFs. You think you need cushion and you think your feet will get tired without thick soles and you think the VFFs look strange on your feet or feel weird or are difficult to put on, but it's all because you're not used to them. Give 'em a go.



toes are sized odd for my feet


I love minimalist shoes or barefoot more, these are perfect besides the fact they only offer one toe design. my big toe is always snug or pressing up against the rubber or plastic but my pinky toe and all the others are not even in the pocket most of the time. it would be great if they had at least one other option for toe slope. it is a shame to not be able to use any of these without tripping from four toes catching things with no toes in them. and I have bought a few different styles. if your foot is designed like these toe pockets then you may like this shoe for light activities, would break down quickly from running or strenuous workouts.



Gave them a try and glad I did!


As strange as my family and friends think they look, I bought them anyways and started running in them. At first, I experienced calf pain like I never had before and it stuck around for a good week if so. I simply pushed myself way too hard running 5k my first run. Coming from Nike freeruns, my muscles never got the chance to work out properly being surrounded by too much cushioning. On my first run I stayed on the front balls and toes of my feet as to not let my heals hit the ground. Needless to say, my form was right but I may have been over ambitious on my distance. I should have warmed up to them gradually. Now, everything is amazing and I would trade these vibrams in for anything!!! I now have dexterity in my feet, better control all around and an incredible feel for my running surfaces which I never got with running shoes.

Smithfield, RI


Yes I would buy them again


are use them for casual every day use very great I love them

San Diego



I've owed 12 pairs of VFF, & currently have a total of 10. The KSO looks nice, & are comfortable to walk in. HOWEVER...it really appears to be cut different. Essentially running smaller, or my pair is defective. All of my VFF are sized 42, & I've haven't had any problems with them. Outside of two. The 1st one was the V-trail. The left toe pockets was shorter than the right. I sent those back, & received another pair. I'm happy to say I haven't had any problems with the new pair. The 2nd one were the Furoshiki. My big toes were pressing up on the front portion of the foot wear. Causing alot of discomfort. It is indicated on the sizing chart. The L size was 9-9.5. When in fact, it is indicated on the foot wear that they were 8.5-9.0 They were returned as well. Sadly, my toes are being squash with in the pockets, & both of my big toes are pressing up on front portion of the footwear. Which is also causing discomfort. My primary use of the KSO's were to use them as slippers, & workout footwear while inside my home. Also to add these are my third pair of KSO's. In a nutshell, I will be returning them as well.

North Carolina


Wear out faster than any fivefingers


Don't buy these for running, they might last a month and a half before wearing out

Proctorville, OH



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