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Our thinnest sole, the EL-X offers the most ground feedback possible. read more


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Vibram ® XS TREK is a technical compound that allows great overall performance qualities, in particular flexibility and wet traction. Highly responsive to the various demands of life, XS TREK will carry you from the trail to the urban playground and even to indoor activities, due to its non- marking features.


XS Trek

  • Optimal balance of traction and durability
  • Responsive on unpredictable terrain
  • Engineered for stability and comfort

Additional Information


Our thinnest sole, the EL-X offers the most ground feedback possible. Designed to be simple, comfortable, easy on, easy off – the EL-X is an ideal shoe for those looking for a true minimalist experience. Offered for men only.

  • Weight: M43=4.23oz.
  • Sole Spec: • INSOLE: 2mm EVA + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • MIDSOLE: N/A • RUBBER: 3mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester Fabric
  • Vegan
Fitting Tips

Historical User


Have loved and used the EL-X since their release. Always ordered a size 43, but with the latest releases, this no longer works. The pair I received was tight to the point of being painful. Same with the replacement of size 44. Thought I would try size 45, but these are very large and loose. I have extreme patience and will try again, but unless you can try different sizing to get the right fit, these may not be for you. That said, once you get a pair that fits,they are the best show for the gym that you'll ever have.

Alpharetta, Ga


first time fivefinger


sizing comparisons i don't find to be accurate as we all have different shapes and size feet, how ever the simplest is to do the ruler to wall for sizing, but then there are wide feet and fat foot and heel differences. I went with a 46 comparing to the shoe sizes i currently have, i probably could have gone with the 45. following the guide of how to put on the Vibrams it felt a little different having each toe covered separately small toes seems to be touching end, and noticed a little room in heel area but they seem to be somewhat snug and feel that if i went down to the 45 it would be a questionable fit, and if i went up a size to 47 then they might not fit properly. I looked into these as i tend to roll my ankle in regular shoes do to the unfitting of my feet, so far having been wearing minimalist forms of footwear have been good, just wish i could generally get designed to my feet not that sticking narrow design .



Best shoes I've ever owned


I wear these to work at the gym all the time. The 39s fit perfectly (I usually wear a 7.5-8.5 in women's, but I have wide feet which make it nearly impossible to find comfortable shoes) -- the soles are a little *too* minimal for my preference if I'm running more than a half mile or so in a stretch, but they are fantastic for lifting and just general wearing around. I have also worn them on road trips when I didn't want to be in (uncomfortable) shoes for hours on end but still wanted some traction to feel the pedals. I've owned 2 pairs because I wore the first ones out!

Chicago, IL


Best fitting vibrams I own, yet falling apart fast.


Would rate these a 5 for fit, as they are my favorite fitting Vibrams (alongside the V-runs), and they are great for all around use, including trail runs, as they fit your foot like a glove, kind of like the original KSO. The issue I found out almost immediately, is that the outer lip right where the foot flexes, is falling apart fast, after 2 or 3 uses. On both sides, but started right behind the ball of the big toe. I see mesh beneath it, yet flaps around and see small holes popping up in the mesh. Probably better for light use, but if you do trail runs or crossfit, not sure how these will hold up. I contacted Vibram and asked if this was a design issue or just a bad batch. Waiting to hear back-



Awesome Toe Shoes


These are by far the best toe shoe or barefoot shoe out there. Its nice they are very minimal and offer good ground feel. When I run I prefer to only run in these it makes running more enjoyable compared to your traditional running shoe. It does change how you run so you have to get used to them. Good for walking around in and doing other exercises in them. These are what I wear primarily for exercising. What is really nice is no laces or goofy tie system which I why I tried them in the first place. Keep in mind this is a very minimal toe shoe with no support. Takes adjusting to. At first my feet got some blisters and peeling but that went away. The only bad thing they are sized way off. I need a 47 in these which is a size up from the 12 men I usually. I ordered my actual size and they were super tight then ordered a size up and perfect fit. I hope VIbram continues to make these as I will buy them when my pair wears out.



Great shoes with a few drawbacks


These shoes are great for the gym. I love feeling the ground and allowing the muscles of my feet to get exercised, too. I have to wear "normal" (aka restrictive) shoes for work all day so these are nice to wear for a few hours a day to let my feet breathe a little bit. I would give them five stars except for a few issues: 1. They are not for off road work. If you run over a pebble or something, it hurts like hell. Maybe I was sissy feet but consider yourself warned and keep your runs to the track or the street. 2. The toes get wet super easily. If you walk through a quarter inch or water, your toes will definitely get soaked because the fabric in between your toes is exposed and not covered by the rubber of the sole. I recommend that vibram starts making the rubber of the sole wrap around each individual toes a bit more to keep this from happening. 3. These are a bit narrower and longer than I would like. I have super wide feet (US 10.5 EEE) and I ordered size 44 which fit okay except they are tight around the ball area of my foot and a little long so the heel slips off every now and then, especially if I am doing any kind of work that involves pulling or pushing something (like a sled). (Note: I also have the hemp ones and those fit PERFECTLY but they aren't really good for the gym) 4. They STINK! They weren't bad at first as long as I washed them but now, after 6 months of wearing them 2 hours 3x per week, no matter how often I wash them, they smell awful and make my feet smell awful, too. I wish they had better anti-odor properties (once again, the hemp ones seem to be better for this, too) All in all these are great shoes, as long as you wash them often and stick to the inside of a gym. Enjoy!

Oceanside, CA


My Favorite Running Shoe


I've been running for over 30 years. I switched to a Five Finger 10 years ago. Prior to that I always had problems with my knees. And prior to switching to Vibram Five Fingers I spent a lot of time questing for the best shoe to help with my physical limitations. I know there are a lot of mix reviews about whether barefoot or minimalist running can transform a person's physical condition for the better. I can only speak on my experience. I took approximately 18 to 24 months training in my Five Fingers before running with them in Marathons. Out of all the Vibram shoes I love the way the EL-X feels. I'm stronger and have a much faster recovery time than any other shoe. And coming from a place 10 + years ago, to where I had to wear knee braces and always struggled with long runs, to a place where I run 30 + miles a week on average and don't need the additional support of braces,.. I attribute this to the Five Fingers and running in a minimalist shoe. It's been a life changer. And again, out of all the Five Finger shoes I find the EL-X the best for me. It is the only shoe I wear. As a side note,.. the quality of the EL-X is solid. I've been running in my current shoe for over 18 months and just getting to a point where I am replacing them.



Deadlift, squat, sprint, oh my!


The EL-X is amazing. I've had it for about 5 months now and use it for a lot of my power work in the gym, in addition to pushing the sled for sprint training. The fact that there's no cushion makes this a perfect shoe so you're not losing power to that foam under your foot. I see some lifters taking off their shoes entirely, but for me this makes more sense. I get grip and ground feel and don't have to go barefoot in the gym and get MRSA! I even love this shoe for cardio days when I do the step mill, so light and agile!

Keller, TX



4.0 8