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Featuring a soft, perforated upper to maximize breathability, this model is very comfortable. read more


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  • Vibram® VI-LITE features the ultimate in lightweight, shock absorption cushioning, for maximum energy conservation.
  • Vibram® XS RUN provides a maximal stable hardness across a broad temperature range and the softness of the compound allows for expansive ground contact adn grip across lug surfaces.  XS RUN also provides high grip on smooth surfaces.
  • Vibram MONT® compound formulation is optimized for mountaineering, treking, acrobatic, works and motorbike racing.  MONT is used to conquer the highest peaks in the world by offering the highest reliability on the most difficult terrain at low temperatures.



  • Ultimate in lightness
  • Optimum balance of lightness and durability
  • Ideal for working on your feet & long walks in the park


  • Tested on the world’s highest peaks
  • Maintains performance at extremely low temperatures
  • Firmer compound for maximum support and durability

XS Run

Additional Information


Featuring a soft, perforated upper to maximize breathability, this model is very comfortable. This is an ideal running shoe for those making the transition from traditional footwear to a more minimalist approach. The thin sole construction lets you feel your run, connecting you to the true barefoot running experience.

  • Weight: M43 = 4.8 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • INSOLE: 2mm EVA + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner • MIDSOLE: 4mm EVA • RUBBER: 2.5mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester Lycra Stretch Mesh + Polyester Microfiber
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wach Cold / Air Dry

I Wanted to Love These


I run 40 miles a week and wanted to build up my leg strength. So I decided the best way to do this was to get my first pair of Vibram, these V-Run. My first run was on the treadmill for 8 miles. I had to stop cause I was getting a blister on the bottom of my feet. I loved them still cause the shoes made me switch up my run to land more flat footed. This is what you want as a long distance runner and I was happy with that. I wear Injinji toe socks everytime I run in these and everytime I get a blister. It's painful and I have to take 2 days off from the long distance on the treadmill. I can't take it anymore and my patience is done. I don't get the blisters between the toes that others have said. As far as fit, they fit perfect. I usually wear a size 8.5-9 but I went with the size 42 (Size 9 US) because you want at least an extra .5 inch for running shoes and they fit like a glove. I have no complaints about the shoe because I really like the look and fit but the blisters on the bottom of my foot is too much. Also, I notice the bottom of the shoes get really hot. Not sure if anyone else notice that also but I suggest either a thicker sole or something to negate the heat at the bottom of the shoe.


Vibram's EU site has the CORRECT SIZE CHART!!


If you're using the size chart here on Vibram's US site your gonna end up with a larger shoe than you should have. (That's why a lot of people in the comments say to size down.) Use the size chart on Vibram's Europeon site to get the proper size. With that out of the way, on to the shoes themselves! I started running in minimalist shoes while in 2010 while I was still in the Army. "Toe shoes" were banned in uniform so I started with Nike Free 3.0(I can hear the groans from the minimalist purest now, but they served me well as a transitional shoe.), next was the Merrell Trail Glove which did me well in Afghanistan as I completed my enlistment and got out In 2012. I jumped on the Vibram train and over the next few years started what seems now like a "race to the bottom" with the Bikila LS, followed by the KSO EVO and then the Skinners running sock and the FYF sock. After my one and only run in the FYF's left me grimacing in pain everytime I stepped on the smallest of pebbles, I came to the conclusion that I had gone a little overboard with my minimalist pursuit. (Honestly if your thinking about FYF's you're better off going barefoot.) So since I only really run on roads, bike paths and paved surfaces I decided to try the shoe Vibram designed specifically for that purpose. And I'm glad I did! This shoe has been just what I was looking for! It is without a doubt my favorite running shoe ever! Vibram has definitely learned from and evolved the Bikila for the better! I ran 7 1/2 miles yesterday morning and my legs, knees and feet felt and feel great! In fact my legs have been feeling stronger than ever! These shoes are awesome! In fact they feel so amazing I'm currently looking into Vibram's "Casual" selection because I find myself not wanting to put my feet into regular shoes!

Carson City, NV


Sub-par construction


Owned many VFFs... this is the first to actually fall apart. I've logged many more miles on my previous Bikilas—none fell apart and no holes. Like previous reviews, the rubber inserts do not hold up well. Not satisfied.

Monterey, Ca

Definitely the worst VFF


Rubber pieces fell off after only 3 runs I switched them for the v-trail I hope Vibram dices this problem with the next model.

Lindon, Utah


remaking the Bikila


Loved the Bikila and this is the updated version. I wear a US mens 10 in Merrells and 10.5 in running shoes. Purchased the 43 and they are perfect! Nice and roomy. I love everything about them minus the tab on heel which is causing discomfort when worn barefoot. Don't care for the Injini socks but they solved the heel rub. I will purchase again. I love my Merrell Vapor Gloves but feel that the V-run has a better fit and cushion even though there is almost nothing there.



Sizes have changed


I've purchased several Five Finger shoes since 2010. And I've always fit in a size 41 with not problems. This shoe feels way too narrow and tight. I liked the Bikila Evo's so much better. I've purchased Furoshiki's as well and even those sizes have changed this year. I wish their sizes would stay consistent because of they don't fit they make you pay to ship them back. Which can be very costly.



Very comfortable running shoes


After my old five fingers wore through, I decided to look into the newer design of the V-Run. I read some reviews that described discomfort/blisters on the top of the foot (under the laces), so I wore them around the house for a month before taking them running, and then a week on a treadmill for a break-in period; this worked and are now very comfortable for both running and walking.

Keller, TX


Stupid Comfortable


I bought the v-runs because I'm a fore foot sprinter and my other running shoes were on their last leg. These vibrams are my first pair as I was looking to give the minimal shoes a try. These are insanely comfortable, although, I cannot give a comparison to other vibram five finger models. The only reason I cannot give five stars is, although, the fabric and stitching is of high quality, the nature of the light weight fabric seems as though it would not hold up to heavy outdoor use for very long such as concrete running. Others have had issues with this it would seem after reading the comments, however, this is not an issue for me because I run strictly in controlled environments such as on treadmills and never wear the v-runs outside or on surfaces that I think may wear down the materials on the shoe.



Ran my first Half Marathon


Great shoes. But give yourself plenty of time to get acclimated into this. If you rush in, you are inviting injuries. But the result of this V-run is so rewarding. No knee pain, no black toe nail after my half marathon.



Most Comfortable Model I Own!


I have been using Vibrams since 2010, when I got my first pair of the original KSO model. Since then, I have acquired the Spyridon, Seeya, Seeya LS, another KSO pair, and now the V-Run. This model is by far the best that I have used. In the past, I would run with Vibrams, but inevitably would stop due to injury issues. Most of the time it was myself doing too much, too soon. I took a three year break from using Vibrams on my run, and started running in Altra Zero Drop shoes. Recently, my Altras needed replacement, and I decided to give Vibrams another chance. The material of the V-Run is extrmely comfortable and soft. The upper stretches a bit, and you can tighten the laces for a more secure fit. The soles have a bit more texture, and thus, a bit more padding. Regarding sizing, I find they run big. I normally wear a size 41 across all previous models. For this model, I used Vibram's measurement criteria on their website, and used their recommended size. I went with a size 40. and they fit absolutely perfect. This is the first pair of Vibrams that I can use without getting blisters. I have done two seven mile runs, and didn't feel one blister. I did put a small piece of Mole Skin on the back of both pairs, because in previous models, the seams would give me blisters. I have now owned my pair for two weeks, and have put over 50 miles on the pair already. They are holding up great, and my legs have been feeling good. I did have some ankle soreness after two long runs, but ankle soreness is common after a long run for me - in any pair of shoes. I find that running in the Altra shoes for the past three years have acclimated my calves to absorb a full forefoot strike. I will be buying a second pair of the V-Run model. My only, and I mean only, complaint about the model is the lace system. The tension slider tends to come loose on one of my feet, causing the shoe to fit a bit looser after I start running. I will just buy a pair of normal shoe laces, and replace them.

Houston, TX



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