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Trek Ascent-Men's

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For off road adventures and hiking in all conditions, the Trek Ascent offers unmatched grip to keep you firmly grounded on and off the trail. read more


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Sale! $120.00 $84.00

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  • Unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior grip with rugged longevity
  • Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation

Additional Information


For off road adventures and hiking in all conditions, the Trek Ascent offers unmatched grip to keep you firmly grounded on and off the trail. Outfitted with a MEGAGRIP sole, this durable style takes on any terrain it encounters with ease.

  • Weight: M43=6.34 oz. W38= 4.93oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 4mm Polyurethane + Anti-Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: N/A • Rubber: 4mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester + Spandex
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry



I have two pairs of the ankle high Ascents and love them. I wore these waking in the city with medium weight socks and had a blister on my heel in less than a mile.

Boulder, CO

Misleading picture


I guess my feet are the smaller size of a 10 because I'm about a half inch from feeling more secure in the toes. The color scheme for the grey in the picture is wrong from what shoe I recieved. The shoes that I received our navy blue except for above the toes which is the only grey part. I'm very picky when it comes to shoes so if I would have known the gray was out of stock I would not have bought these shoes at all.

Bowling Green, Ky

First timer. Now want more!


I'm a first time user. Liked the idea since I first saw them years ago but only recently tried them. This is an initial feeling. I have yet to see how they hold up and how long they will last. Right out of the box, I didn't know if they would fit. Once you get all your toes in, the heel slips on nicely. I understand the narrow comments and initially thought the same. But after 1 day, they start to mold to your feet, so to speak. I usually wear a EE width or bigger if I can get. If these were that wide, I don't think they'd have the same feel though. They want to hug your foot so they don't slop around. I had none of the discomfort spoken of switching over. No need to work up to wearing full time. My feet wanted to keep them on. I'm a sock wearer and going sockless is more odd than the shoe. My hope is they don't get the typical shoe stink going on. If I had one thing I would want different, it would be the toe are. The toes are very long and my little Stubbs don't fill the 3 little toes but halfway. Big toe and next fit great. The sole feels durable yet gummy and still provides plenty of feedback from ground. I love the tread as it reminds me of my motorcycle tires. Driving in them is wonderful. Can feel the peddles and feedback is enhanced. My feet finally feel barefoot and fancy free! I'll be back in 6-12 months to see how they lasted. My next pair will be the KSO. I think the strap setup will be a better system than the laces on these.

Middle America



The Trek Ascent is weird. The red thing on the bottom says "Soft" and they aren't kidding. 7th pair of VFF. Least favorite. They feel squishy. Previous models were very durable rubber soles that were remarkably flexible but didn't compress when when stepped on. These feel like marshmallows by comparison. If you're a barefoot/minimalist enthusiast like me, you'll feel it too. They aren't "bad" shoes, but way more cushion if you're used to other FF shoes. For wide-foot people: these are really tight. Across the big toe joint to outside of the foot is uncomfortable. I really hope they stretch a bit. On my both my old Spyridon models, I cut off the decorative strap by the toe joint and was able to loosen the fabric to fit without destroying the shoe. Can't do that with these. If you've got a wide foot, stick to models that have a stretch fabric.

Dayton, OH


Quality Issues


I've been wearing these for so long people associate me with the brand. The quality issues others have mentioned are real. The clasps and laces now fall apart very quickly, they aren't made as well as they used to be. I have about 9 pairs and most of them haven't lasted nearly as long as they used too.

Los Angeles


Satisfied but ...


I machine washed them and believe that they lost their water repellent property. Could you please advise me how I could restore this property again?

Greece, Europe


No longer worth it


Vibrams used to sell shoes that were made of decent materials and could withstand NORMAL use. I have been a customer and wearer of vibrams for 7 years and its time Ive said goodbye to the company. The last 3 pairs of five fingers have torn or glue has come undone within a month of ordering. Quality of these products is

Warner Robins, Ga


I am going to buy another pair to keep on reserve.


I stopped wearing traditional shoes about 10 years ago and am sure that I have worn through at least a dozen pairs in different models over the years. I loved my Trek Ascents for their looks, material, and sole, but they were just a bit tight and stunk after using all day every day. I received a pair of regular Ascent shoes last week and have decided that I am much happier with their initial fit and breathability. I never used my Trek Ascents for running, but these regular ones are the best I have ever tried on concrete and asphalt. The thick sole does a great job of cushioning the impact. Too bad the soft grippy sole is sure to wear quickly on pavement for a heavier guy like me.



2 years later not a single issue (well maybe one)


I'm going on 2 years of ownership for these. I picked them up at 50% off because they were the March Madness winner. Second day I had them one end of the lace pulled out of the small Velcro tab. No worries, hit the end of the lace with a lighter to melt it and shoved it back where it belonged in the tab. Since then, they've been golden. Countless miles both on and off trail, 2 10K's, and various jumps, lunges, squats, etc. The sole hasn't separated and the sole still looks brand new. They have never been washed so they only issue are the sweat stains :)

Valencia, Ca

fell apart faster than kmd sport (2nd pair of vibe)


In the first month one of the top shoestring loops ripped off, tried to sew it back together, but didn't work. In the second month the button that hold the string down broke off. Although I still wear the shoe with the strings tucked into the tongue with no problem. The fasteners are made of metal so they're durable. The SOLE of the shoe is very durable. 1 year later and the bottom of the shoe shows only small signs of heavy wear n' tear, and I run EVERY DAY. Some minor splits, but no major holes and the rigid parts are still rigid enough for traction on all terrain. I can't say the same for the top of the shoe. Now (a year later) there are several small cracks revealing my feet between the sole of the shoe and the softer upper parts of the shoe. Around the sides and toes mostly, but not noticeable. And like most pairs of Vibram shoes the toe protection parts are starting to flop off. But unlike the KMD sports my toes are not popping through any holes, and the bottom sole is very durable, without any holes through the bottom in any part. Overall I wouldn't buy a second pair, but they're definitely worth a try. A good pair to graduate to if you've had a pair of Vibram before. Definitely a 2nd pair kind of shoe. Also, my second toe is longer and these shoes still had enough flexibility to eventually adapt to the shape of my feet. (wish Vibram would make a "second toe is longer option, during purchase.") Moving onto Merrell shoes. Which are regular shoes with a Vibram sole. Check them out if you want something a little more professional in a public environment.



Trek Ascent

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