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New for 2018! The V-Trek is a great tool for walking, hiking and trekking, with a nice stylish urban flare as well. The Flexible outsole featuring Megagrip provides the premium outdoor formula for grip in both wet and dry conditions. read more


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Vibram Megagrip offers excellent grip properties on both dry and wet terrain while maintaining a high level of durability.  Developed for the user who frequently encounters slippery surfaces, Megagrip offers an incomparable combination of grip and durability. 



  • Unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior grip with rugged longevity
  • Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation

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New for 2018! The V-Trek is a great tool for walking, hiking and trekking, with a nice stylish urban flare as well. The Flexible outsole featuring Megagrip provides the premium outdoor formula for grip in both wet and dry conditions. A nice, polyurethane midsole with a bit of added thickness provides a bit more thickness and comfort, and our 50/50 blended wool and synthetic upper material helps to improve breathability and reduce odor. The mid-cut and traditional lacing system offers up a casual, sporty look as well. Synthetic fibers within the construction provide mechanical strength and durability.

  • Weight = 6.5 oz. / 185 grams
  • 4 mm rubber Megagrip outsole for optimal performance on a variety of surfaces
  • 50/50 wool / synthetic blend exterior upper construction for added stretch and comfort
  • Best Uses: Trekking, Walking, Climbing, Urban Sport.
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Refined Hardcore Hiker


I absolutely love this shoe! I have many miles on it's predecessor, the Trek Ascent. This takes it a step further with some welcome refinements. The traditional shoe laces make it seem more like a sneaker and can easily be replaced. The higher ankle keeps more debris out and when worn with gaiters nothing gets in. The thinner material between the toes makes them easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. The mega-grip sole is as good as anything out there for wet rocks. The sizing is the same as the Trek Ascent. In addition to hiking I now use these for work and casual activities. They have strengthened my feet and calves. They also help to prevent knee injuries if a forefoot strike is used when running. I highly recommend!!!

Harrisburg PA

Looks Great, But Not Sure


I have several Trek Ascent-soled VFFs. As I've said in another review, I think the Trek Ascent is Vibram's best all-purpose sole; with enough cushion for walking around town, but still enough barefoot feel on the trail, and awesome grip. I've come back looking for a new pair of warm-weather, colorful Trek Ascent Men's - only to find out they're practically sold out (none in my size) - and there's no similarly colored/styled Trek Ascent-soled shoe to replace it, but these V-Trek Men's... They look nice - yes, but for spring and summer I want something other than drab colors; brown, green, gray, black... which I've been wearing all winter... My one consistent critique of Vibram Five Finger Shoes is the selection is too limited. Would love to see you do more! My wife and I both wear VFFs exclusively -- we've bought 14 pair in the last 2 years, that's like one ever other month --and we're always game to buy more.

Portsmouth, NH

First time user


This is my first pair of Vibram FF shoes and I love them. I did not think I would like wearing something between my toes, but I really like them. I've taken a few weeks getting use to wearing them and I'm starting to wear them out and about. They feel great and my feet are much happier them being in regular shoes. We are still having a few cold days here in Texas and I noticed my feet were cold. So, I just ordered the hemp shoes and got the CVT wool for free (celebrating Earth Day). I'm looking forward to trying out my new shoes. I do wear the FF socks in these and find they are more comfortable then traditional socks.

San Antonio, TX

Ultimate in foot comfort/naturalization


This is my first pair of Vibram FF and they are amazingly comfortable, light and fit like a glove. They not only feel as if I am barefoot, they protect my feet very well and enable them to breathe. I have since ordered another pair with insulation for colder days. Now if they can somehow figure out how to make a pair for work that can protect the tops of my feet as well (from things such as sharp objects falling on them) I'll never have to wear traditional footwear again.


Would be a great review if...


I can just feel the 5 starts for this model... if it were only made in a size 48. Really unfortunate they cut a lot of models off at 47 😢

Eugene, OR

bigger sizes please!


really wish they came in a bigger size i just got my first pair of vibrams and im hooked! would love to have something with real shoe laces because my right foot is a little more narrow than my left and it would make them fit much more comfortable

cinci ohio

Upper materials too stiff for my liking.


I wanted these as a warm weather replacement for the Trek Ascent Insulated shoes that I have. Unfortunately, these are not comfortable around my ankle because the material is very stiff there. When I put them on and lace them comfortably, the shoes bite into my ankles with even the slightest movement. This is a huge letdown to me as the insulated version is super comfortable around my ankle. All you needed to do was use the same upper material as the insulated version but without the insulation. Not sure what happened here...

Lexington, KY

Needs to come in larger sizes!


Come on guys! You have a hit on your hands here. Make them in larger sizes like you do some of your other models. Don't wait for the marketing report or the sales data. Just do it ;)

Jacksonville, FL


Love these!!!


I've been wearing Vibrams for about 5 years now. I have yet to be disappointed and these are no exception! Absolutely LOVE the black and Natural tan bottoms, as they give it a more traditional "shoe" look and I could avoid at least a few stares/comments when using them out in public!! Way go to Vibram, nice job again!!

New Jersey


What happened to the black shoe with a black sole?


Great to see a shoe in the Kaki color. The Black shoe should be all black for those of us who care about color coordination with colors other than Kaki.

Naples, FL



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