Trek Ascent-Women's


Trek Ascent-Women's


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For off road adventures and hiking in all conditions, the Trek Ascent offers unmatched grip to keep you firmly grounded on and off the trail. read more


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Sale! $120.00 $72.00

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  • Unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior grip with rugged longevity
  • Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation

Additional Information


For off road adventures and hiking in all conditions, the Trek Ascent offers unmatched grip to keep you firmly grounded on and off the trail. Outfitted with a MEGAGRIP sole, this durable style takes on any terrain it encounters with ease. Check out our latest color for 2017! NIGHTSHADE!

  • Weight: M43=6.34 oz. W38= 4.93oz.
  • Sole Spec: • Insole: 4mm Polyurethane + Anti-Drilex Sockliner • Midsole: N/A • Rubber: 4mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester + Spandex
  • Vegan
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Runs small


I'm giving this 5 stars despite the fact that I've had to return them in exchange for a larger size. What I love about this shoe is how light-weight it is. The fabric from which it is made is thin and feels like the shoe will fit like a glove once I get a size I can put on. I was able to get one foot in and it felt amazing. I can't wait to get my new, larger Trek Ascents.

Summerville, SC


Product sizing doesn't match the websites sizing chart!


First of all, I absolutely love vibrant five fingers! I am still giving a high rating for the Trek Ascent because I've used them for the past 3 years & love them. I wear them everyday for everything. However, I recently ordered a second pair of the trek ascent & they were way too small. I followed the directions according to the sizing chart, I wear a 39 (8-8.5) & I was sent a 39 (7.5-8). I'm confused as to why the sizing on the product's box doesn't correlate with the websites sizing chart. Now, I have to return them for an exchange. I hope the next size up will fit properly & that the color I ordered is actually in stock. I'm disappointed & confused regarding the sizing instructions. One positive thing is my order was shipped & received quickly.

Stephens City, Virginia

I like this one quite a lot.


They are difficult to put on but easy to wear all day. I liked the eggplant/orange ones enough to get a pair of formal blacks, too. The sizing is inconsistent but both are very comfortable to wear.





I have been wearing the Trek Ascents for the past two years to run on trails. I love the feel of the shoe, the feeling of freedom. I run on technical trails with lots of roots and rocks and the Trek Ascents are awesome.



I love these shoes!!!


Other than just needing broke in these are great! I'm not sure what style my first pair are nor do I see it on any sites I've looked at but I don't want to wear regular shoes anymore. I broke my leg 5 yrs ago and my ankle always swells and hurts along with knee and back pain. Since I started wearing these regularly I have none of those issues and I even work on hard tile floors. Because of the snow I had to switch to my other shoes and after a 4 hour shift I hurt literally everywhere. This style was a replacement/return on the v-trainers that I should have listen to the reviews on. Have at least 3 other styles I NEED!

Salina, Ks


True to size, great for rough terrain


I eagerly awaited the arrival of these babies-- so when they did get here, I quickly pulled them out and attempted to put them on like my previous two pairs of non-trail (more stretchy) Vibrams. I struggled to get them on--- however, while wallowing in self-pity, I noticed the specific instructions for putting on that I didn't follow so closely with my other, more stretchy, Vibrams (push toes all the way into their pockets first, then pull the heel around). Glorious fit! I've noticed as I've worn these over the past 6 weeks or so that they are getting easier to put on. Too, I immediately noticed after getting these on the first time that there was something rubbing on the balls of my feet, about where the seam was with the sides of the shoes. I pulled off the shoes and noticed some sloppy trim work on the insides of both shoes. I again contemplated whether I'd send these back or have a go at tidying up the messy rubber trim-- there wasn't much room to get down in the shoe for any cutting without the risk of cutting the side wall. I decided to go for it, using an X-acto knife, a pair of tweezers, and a headlamp. Fortunately, I didn't have to get the trim perfectly tidy to not feel the rub on my feet anymore. Performance-wise, these have held up well to the runs and walks on gravel roads, farm tracks (trash, rocks, twigs, etc.), and sand. Due to the slightly higher sides than my previous Vibrams, debris doesn't get in as easily, although when it does around the mouth it rubs a bit more due to the ankle cushioning. However, to me that is a fair swap for not getting the higher neck shoe (which I didn't want). Temperature-wise, in cold temps my feet warm up after about half a mile (without socks/liners) regardless of footwear, so I haven't found these lacking in the freezing temps. I haven't have the opportunity to use in hot summer temps yet, but I imagine it will be similar to my other all-season Vibrams.

Louisburg, NC


My new favorite!


I've been transitioning to minimalistic running and I started with some minimalistic shoes from other brands. They've been awesome and I decided I wanted to try some Five Fingers to see how they would incorporate into my lineup. I bought the Trek Ascents and KSO Evos and they are AMAZING! I was a little hesitant on how I would like the feel on my feet, but they are so comfortable and they just feel so good on my feet. I have worn them both with and without socks and they are just perfect either way. I'm definitely addicted and am looking to add more to my collection!

Holbrook, AZ


The best model I've come across


Wearing Vibrams since 2010 and this has been the best one I've had. Currently replacing a pair I've had for about two years as my daily wearer. They *can* become somewhat water-resistant with a coat of scotch guard, which was very handy on a few trips where I was expecting a bit of drizzling. That said, I have switched to conventional sneakers for rainy days because I can't find a Vibram that holds up in water. I have oddly shaped toes which makes me always have way too much extra room in my shoes, but this one seems to have the least amount of "annoying extra toe space" to deal with. Only gripe is that like all vibrams, you feel every single pebble and I literally have no idea how anyone hikes in any five finger product. After about 4 hours on a trail, depending on what part of the foot you step on a pebble with, it becomes excruciating and can send a wave of pain through your back.

Bellevue, WA


Comfortable and Highly Functional, needs more durability.


I absolutely love these shoes, and have had 3 pairs. I was originally disappointed that the Trek Sport was discontinued, but after I broke these in I like them even more. They are tight after first, but do break in nicely. They have good grip, are very comfortable, and have great ventilation. My only real gripe, like so many others, is that durability should be better. I haven't had any major failures like poor stitching, but after only about 3 months of regular use the sides of the toe slots develop holes. Eventually the holes become so large my toes no longer have much protection. I think this problem could be solved by using rubber to form the entire toe-slot rather than just the bottom and tip. The fabric used on the sides of the toes is the same as the upper portion of the shoe, and it's just not durable enough. While these are great they should be more durable considering how much they cost.

Seattle, WA


Bad stitching mars what could be great trekking shoes


I couldn't decide between one or two stars for these shoes, but I settled on one, because if they're simply going to fall apart after minimal use, they fail their function. These could be nice shoes, but there are some major manufacturing defects, specifically in the stitching on the right foot. When I first received these shoes in the mail, I immediately tried them on. And immediately the stitching of top lace loop on the right foot became undone. So much for that. I thought it was just a fluke, so I sent them back and got a new repair. The new pair held up better, and I had enough confidence to take them on my multi-day hike vacation. And, of course, midway through the trip, while carefully tightening my right shoe, the stitching became undone AGAIN. And there I was stuck on a mountain far away from civilization. I was so close to loving these shoes, I really was. They performed admirably on my trek, but their manufacturing came up short, and simply proved to be a poorly designed shoe. It's especially frustrating considering that my other Vibram Five Fingers have stood the test of time. So, you've been warned. Don't be like me. Don't be stuck on a mountain with a broken pair of faulty shoes. (I've included a pic of what the shoes look like after light usage. I can't emphasize how careful I was in tightening these shoes when I put them on. You can also seem white thread from the Frankenstein job I did trying to stitch/pin the shoes back into workable shape.)

Northampton, MA


Trek Ascent

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