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New Colors in the US for 2018! The V-Trail is the perfect technical shoe for runners and racers, an ideal off-road minimalist shoe! Great for the muck and slush that winter brings out on the trail. read more


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Megagrip Sole

3D Cocoon embedded in the outsole, this thin and flexible mesh disperses ground pressure by distributing impact. Flexible but protective enough to traverse safely over uneven ground, the user experiences ground feedback with less bite.



  • Unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior grip with rugged longevity
  • Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation

Additional Information


New for 2017! Grab a pair early for the holidays! The V-Trail is the perfect technical trail runner for the adventure racer you know. This is our evolution of the very successful Spyridon MR / Elite product line! Our Tapestry / Blue is Web Exclusive available in the US only, only available right here at vibram.com.

  • Evolution of Spyridon MR / Elite
  • Vibram 3D Cocoon technology molded into the sole provides rock-stopping protection, now extended further into the ball area
  • Multi-directional lug design for grip all over!

  • Next Generation Spyridon MR / Elite
  • Weight: M43 = 6.4 oz.
  • Sole Spec: • INSOLE: 2mm EVA + NZYM Anti-Microbial Poly Fabric Sockliner • MIDSOLE: N/A • RUBBER: 2-color 5MM + 3D Cocoon Mesh
  • Upper Material: Polyester + Spandex
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Great Feel and Comfort for the Trail


45 years of running behind me and I absolutely love the V-Trail. I run on rocky trails (Arizona desert) and do not have any problem. Extremely comfortable. I do advise wearing socks. I started out by slipping a small bit of padding (insert) in the heel area until I broke the shoes in and got a better feel for how to run over the rocks. After two weeks ... I will not go back to regular trail shoes.

Anthem, AZ

Best Barefoot running shoe!


I've been running trails wearing minimal and barefoot shoes for more than one year wearing different brands and up to this day i was looking for a shoe that didn't let hot spots or blisters on my feet and I couldn't believe what happened today.I got this week my first pair of five fingers the V-trails. I went for a 10K run wearing some toe socks and for my surprise i finished with no blisters or hot spots on the ball of my feet or any other part of my feet. Not convinced of what happened I took off my toe socks and went another 5K running just with the V-trails on and I'm still surprised that I got no blister even without socks. I don't know how long they're going to last without tearing apart or something like that but I wish they last a long time. Great product.



My favorite pair, so far


I think I'm on my 9th or 10th pair of FF, at this point, and these are simply my favorites. Other reviews have mentioned quality issues, things falling apart, but I haven't experienced that, at all, on *this* pair. (I have had similar issues with some other models.) Admittedly, I'm not using these much for running/climbing, but I wear them *every* day. It's been a year, now, and they're still in very good shape. So, maybe I just got a "lucky" pair or something, but these have been the best FFs I've had.

Costa Mesa, CA


Good snug fit, no funky smell


Just one run, a relaxed hill trail jog of just 5.3km. On the basis of that brief experience, I expect that these shoes will come to be Vibram's best to date for me. This is my fourth version of the Five Fingers. My last was the Spyridon, which is just starting to get tears in the liner after over 1,000km. Spyridon sole was worn, but many more km's could be run in them yet. The V Trail fits much snugger than the Spyridon, possibly due to the stretch material used. I love the feel. I initially was concerned about the pressure on my oversized big toe, but this was not a problem during this run. The old Spyridon's were stench monsters. The V Trail after one run does not not smell, so is already a definite improvement on that front. Grip was an improvement over my well-worn Spyridons. No idea whether this is an improvement over new Spyridon. Overall similar on that front. Will never be as good on mud as a deep cleated traditional shoe. My choice of brand in standard running shoes is Inov-8, partly because they are incredibly sticky on slick surfaces. I will need a lot more distance to judge the V Trail on its slick surface performance. (I found the similar Spyridon to be less sticky than an Inov-8, but this was made up for by the close fit and flexibility of the sole.)

Christchurch, NZ


Durability is definitely an issue


I've had these for just shy of a year now. Unlike some others here I find that they fit very well but about a half size smaller than most of my other shoes. I will agree that they are not the most durable. Some of the stitching started to come loose after the first wash and now holes have worn between my big and index toes on both sides. I've worn them for maybe 100 miles of running and 4 months worth of twice-weekly functional fitness workouts in the gym. That said, I'm still getting ready to order my second pair soon.

Cleveland, OH


So not fit true to size of vrun


These just don't fit like other fivefingers, I'm really upset that vibram won't let me return these

Proctorville OH


Nice Outdoor Shoe but Poor Sizing


I've owned 9 different Vibram Fivefingers over the years and I've always worn size 44 comfortably with toe socks however this V-trail is very tight and uncomfortable in addition to another previously added outdoor model. I wish Vibram would keep the sizing consistent.

Bronx, NY


these have smashed my toe


these fit awful, the worst five fingers i have ever had. i would return them but ive had them for a few months bc i haven't had enough time to trail run. I want my money back

proctorville, OH




If I could five this zero stars I would. My wife got me a pair of these 5 fingered shoes for a trip in April. They kept sending me women's sizes because the order was in her name. We had to pay to ship shoes after shoe until I found the correct size. At that point they had run out of every shoe I could possibly want, in my size. They gave me an credit, I ordered the size that was recommended, the shoes arrived and still too big. I again paid to send them back and now the company is out of any shoe that's my size. I've paid $50 in just shipping, trying to figure this out. Why is there no way to find a correct shoe without it coating so much extra in shipping? Anyway, now I'm stuck with $120 credit and more shipping costs. Hopefully I can get something to actually use by the end of October. My wife purchased these shoes in May and I am still dealing with factually getting a pair to wear! Ridiculous!

Los Angeles


4 time, combat, disabled Veteran. I Can Walk !


Spine, rebuilt 3 times. Left foot, ankle, rebuilt 4 times. Right hip, going fast. With the "Best", of athletic shoes, still unstable. Hard to walk and maintain, full, or confident, balance. Limits of range of motion. BUT, with this, balance, ability of foot to react. Adjunct to footing, on, and on. It's Great ! Now, I can Walk !

Washington state, ocean beach highway.



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