How should my FiveFingers fit? How do I know if they are too big or too small?

FiveFingers generally should have a glove-like fit on your foot, but the best judge of size is your own comfort level. If the shoe feels too big or too small, it probably is! To best fit a FiveFinger we suggest measuring your foot in inches by placing a ruler with #1 against a wall, step on that ruler and measure down to the tip of your longest toe—men to the closest ¼” and women 1/8 . This is the most accurate gauge of size. Each model will fit and feel differently, and each person’s feet are shaped and structured differently. As such, you may fit better in a size different from what the guideline recommends, and that’s ok.

Can a woman order from the men’s sizing and vice versa?

Sure! Keep in mind that the men’s sizing is slightly longer and wider than women’s, so a Men’s size 40 will fit and feel larger than a Women’s size 40. We always recommend double checking the measurement of your foot length-wise when trying the opposite gender shoe for the first time.

What if I don’t see the model/color/size I’m looking for?

Our website shows real-time inventory, so if it’s not online we don’t have it currently. Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to place items on backorder or put in requests for items, so please check our website periodically for updates and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.

What are your return policies? *Edit page this links to; see “Info about returns” doc

Please click here for return policies.

How do I return shoes for a refund/exchange? *Edit page this links to; see “Info about returns” doc

Please click here for details.

My FiveFingers tore/ripped/wore out, can I get them replaced?

Our 90 day warranty applies to manufacturing defects only. Wear and tear on the shoes is not considered a defect, and your shoes may last you longer or shorter than a traditional pair of shoes.

My sole is coming off, but I am outside of the warranty period, help!

Shoe Goo to the rescue! If a sole begins to peel away due to wear and tear you can extend the life of minimal shoes by getting a product like Shoe Goo to adhere the sole back to the fabric. You can always check with your local cobbler too.  

How long should my FiveFingers last?

Your FiveFingers should last as long as a traditional athletic shoe. This will vary depending on the person, model, and the use.  We design our shoes with a particular activity in mind.  If you use a trail running shoe for road running it will wear quicker.

Please also pay special attention our care instructions. Chlorine, salt water, and other chemicals will wear down the materials more quickly. FiveFingers and Furoshiki are both machine washable with cold water only and should always be drip dried. NO DRYER. The Signa model should also be rinsed after each use.

Can you make custom pairs of shoes?

Unfortunately we cannot make custom shoes/colors/sizes etc.

Can I get a pair of FiveFingers without the toes?

FiveFingers all come with ten toe pockets! However, we have launched a product line called Furoshiki that is a minimal shoe with one pocket for all your toes with an upper that wraps around your foot. If you are looking for something more rugged without the toes, we do partner with hundreds of other brands of footwear to provide the rubber soles for a variety of styles of shoes, including traditional shoes with a minimalist feel! Please check out some of our partner brands for “one-toed” shoes.

Can I place my order over the phone?

All orders must be placed through our website and we ask you try this route first. If you are experiencing difficulty placing your order online, call our Customer Service center at 978-318-0000.

Can I ship a product to another country?

We ship to all USA, APO, and Canadian addresses on our North American site. For locations outside of the USA or Canada, please visit our Europe or Asia sites.

I recently placed an order but my credit card was charged multiple times, why?

If you just placed an order and see multiple “pending” charges, we have not charged your card all those times, don’t worry! We only charge your card when the product ships. At the time of purchase you are just authorizing us to charge that amount once your order is ready to ship. If you double click when you place your order, or have to resubmit the order as there was an error, you may cause multiple pending charges. Only the charge associated with the order # you receive once your order is placed will hit your card. The rest will be removed by your credit card’s banking facility.

How long does it take my order to ship?

Orders placed by 1:30pm EST usually ship the same day. Orders placed after that time will be processed the following business day. Keep in mind, if you place an order Friday after 1:30 PM EST it will not ship until the following Monday, unless there is a Monday holiday.


We ship all orders from Massachusetts. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Your package should arrive in 3-5 business days (excluding weekends).  Please note that Canadian orders may be held by customs without notice, causing delays.

I didn’t get my FedEx package but it shows delivered. What do I do?

We recommend contacting FedEx directly at 1-800-463-3339 to see if they are holding your package.  You may also want to check with neighbors or the front desk of your apartment building or office to see if they accepted delivery.

If you are not at home at the time of FedEx delivery, they may leave your package outside your door. Unfortunately, we do not take responsibility for missing packages in conjunction with that. If you prefer to pick it up at a local FedEx pick-up station to avoid them leaving your package, you are able to call FedEx with you tracking number and ask to pick it up there. We cannot reroute your package once it is out for delivery.